Bashing of DC Reporter Demonstrates Deterioration of Society and Our Next Generation of Future Leaders

The events surrounding one news reporter’s attempt to save lives and positively impact the Washington DC metro area, are a clear indication as to the moral and social degradation of society, parenting and our next generation of future leaders.

WUSA reporter Andrea McCarren spent several months researching the problem of underage drinking in the Washington DC area and what she found was alarming, but not as alarming as the response she received when the news story aired on Feb 1.

In her investigation, she found a liquor store that regularly sold alcohol to kids as young as fourteen without asking for any ID.  She notified police and the liquor board two months prior to airing the report and they still have done nothing to the liquor store or to stop the sales to minors.

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She also uncovered a troubling trend where some parents are choosing to host drinking parties for their underage children and their friends.  When she helped police bust up some of these parties, she was shocked by the reaction of the parents.

After her report aired, McCarren and her family became the target of harassment and threats.  The attacks were made on Facebook and Twitter along with other web postings.  Her teenage children became targets of abuse and threats at school.  The situation became so overwhelming that she pulled herself off the air for a couple of weeks before recently returning to stand her ground.

In a recent television interview, she told fellow reporters,

“I was flabbergasted.  First I became frightened and then I became very angry because it felt like an orchestrated Facebook and Twitter campaign of hate.  People put my home address on the Internet.  There were calls for revenge and retaliation against my family.  I’m now in about my twenty-seventh year as a reporter and I have never seen anything like this.

It seems like these suburban affluent kids have simply never been told no.  They have an inflated sense of entitlement.  They feel entitled to cell phones, computers, cars and in this case, they appear to feel entitled to do something illegal which is drink under the age of twenty-one.”

One of the reporters asked McCarren how the parents responded to her investigation and report and if they condoned their kids drinking while underage.  Her response was,

“As to your last question about whether the parents condone this, there is a very disturbing trend in suburban Washington, and that is parents actually hosting these underage drinking parties.  Some feel that it’s safer to have them drink at home where they can collect the car keys and as some have said, teach their children to drink responsibly.

“You would not believe some of the things we heard from parents when we’ve been at these party busts.  The first thing they do is threaten to sue.  They threaten to sue police.  They threaten to sue us.  I mean, it all starts at home.  And I think that’s why we want to get this message out.  Personally as a reporter…I felt like I could not cover one more car load of drunk kids wrapped around a tree and interview one more set of grieving parents without trying to do something with this extraordinary reach of the media to affect positive change.

Besides the obvious parental neglect and indifference to their children’s actions and morals, the saddest thing about all this is the attitude of entitlement she saw in the younger generation.  The scary part is that a number of these spoiled rotten entitled kids live in the DC area and may end up with a government job or worse yet in politics as either an elected official or working for an elected official.

We already have a government bureaucracy that feels that they are entitled to everything the common working person isn’t entitled to.  To train their replacements to believe they are entitled to everything before they even become our next leaders will only make the situation worse, not better.

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