Beggar Nations Storm Out of Climate Talks, Demand Money

While the Left was focused on non-endangered polar bears that were supposedly drowning, more sensible minds have known from the start that the global warming hysteria was all about money: both taking money from wealthy countries and giving it to poor countries, and at the same time taking money out of middle-class pockets for the benefit of an elite group in carbon exchanges.

In accordance with the reality that us “climate deniers” see, China led a group of 132 countries in a staged walkout of United Nations climate change talks the other day.

The discussion was about “loss and damage” compensation for expenses attributed to global warming, such as the recent typhoon in the Philippines.

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According to the theory put forth by China and the other nations with their hands out, the “developed world” (that’s us) owes money to the “undeveloped world” (that’s them) because typhoons, droughts and such are our fault.

It’s the international version of “Hey Fred, your damn cherry tree’s dropping leaves in my backyard,” that popular neighborhood game that has killed more people than lawn darts.

The annoyance caused by “our” weather has been valued at $100 billion annually that we are supposed to start paying by 2020 — and presumably stop paying when Hell freezes over. Or maybe not when Hell freezes over, because then that would be global cooling, and that will be our fault too.

“The US, EU, Australia and Norway remain blind to the climate reality that’s hitting us all, and poor people and countries much harder,” said Harjeet Singh of ActionAid International. “They continue to derail negotiations in Warsaw that can create a new system to deal with new types of loss and damage such as sea-level rise, loss of territory, biodiversity and other non-economic losses more systematically.”

That “climate reality” he speaks of is the realization by certain governments that they can milk the saps in countries like America for all they’re worth with just a few hockey stick graphs and phony computer projections.

The “new types” of damage are from things that have never, ever, ever, EVER happened before, like erosion perceived as a sea-level rise, changing borders, fluctuating animal populations and so on. Brazil has proposed to force developed nations to pay for past warming as well, which could be quite a windfall, since the globe has been warming since the last ice age.

The Obama Administration opposes creating a separate fund for to pay the protection money to China — er, pay reparations to poor countries. But it’s more than happy to use climate scare tactics at home.

Australia, blessed with a new conservative government, has been actively opposing the U.N. scheme to impose global warming penalties on everyone, but so far, it’s not clear how their new-found spine will hold up.

There’s an old saying that a fool curses the wind, and that’s what the global warming hysteria is all about, trying to control the uncontrollable, as if the Earth had a thermostat somewhere that we could or should reset.

Nature can take care of itself, and we would be smart to let it do so. Similarly, if the U.N.’s climate talks show signs of falling apart, let them.

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