Belfast High Court Declares Unborn Not Human and Have No Rights

Northern Ireland has long been a place of beauty and turmoil. For years groups of Irish loyalists demanded independence from the rule of Great Britain. Then in the 1960s and 1970s there were violent clashes between the Catholics and Protestants that led to a lot of bloodshed on both sides.

Over the past decade or so, another type of warfare has been wagering in Northern Ireland. This war was focused on the first degree murder of babies, more commonly known as abortion. Conservatives thought they had won the war by legally banning all abortions except those where the physical or mental health of the mother was in danger.

Just like here in the United States, liberals continued to fight for the right to murder their unborn children. Their latest battle took place in the High Court in Belfast. The leader of the liberal troops was the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC). They argued that banning abortions was a violation of the human rights of women throughout Northern Ireland, forcing some to be subject to criminal prosecution for murdering their unborn child.

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On Monday, the High Court agreed with the NIHRC and said that the abortion ban was ‘incompatible with human rights.’ Les Allamby, NIHRC Chief Commissioner rejoiced at the ruling, stating:

“Today’s result is historic, and will be welcomed by many of the vulnerable women and girls who have been faced with these situations. It was important for the Commission to take this challenge in its own name, in order to protect women and girls in Northern Ireland and we are delighted with the result.”

If the High Court ruled that abortion is a human right, that also means that until a baby has been born, it’s not a human being and can be discarded like a spoiled package of ground beef. The unborn have no rights, especially the right to life.

It also means that any woman can decide to carry out a premeditated murder without any worry of prosecution. If it’s okay to murder an unborn child, then what’s next: the elderly, terminally ill and people with severe disabilities? Where do we draw the line on what lives are sacred and what ones aren’t?

The only difference between legalized abortion and illegal murder is the age of the person killed. Think about the hypocrisy of it. It’s okay to murder an unborn child while still in the womb, but other babies that were born early and are just as old and developed as the one still in the womb are considered a human with rights. They are the same age, just different location.

Either all of human life is sacred and something to be protected or none of it is sacred and has no right to be protected. There shouldn’t be any in between that some are and others aren’t protected by the law, but so-called human rights groups live in that gray in between area which is completely inconsistent with all of their mission statements.

Sadly, the ruling by Northern Ireland’s High Court could have ramifications on abortion laws in other nations, leading to the increased murdering of the unborn.

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