Could Ben Carson Beat Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Dr. Ben Carson is one of the top award winning neurosurgeons in the United States and perhaps the world. In 1987 Carson, along with a large surgical team, became the first doctor to successfully separate a set of twins that were attached at the back of the head. He became the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

In 2008, President George W. Bush awarded Carson with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Carson made national headlines again in 2013 when he delivered a 27 minute speech at the National Prayer Breakfast where he was very critical of Obamacare. He presented a plethora of facts about Obamacare that all pointed out the problems and negatives of the Unaffordable Care Act. It wasn’t just his criticism of Obamacare that made the news; it was the fact that he also criticized Barack Obama who was sitting a mere 10 feet away.

From that point on, many conservatives started talking about Carson getting into the political arena on a national level. In his recently released book One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future, Carson wrote:

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“Over the years, there have been many attempts to get me to throw my hat in the political arena.”

“I have been offered support from around the country and tremendous financial resources if I decide to run for national office. But I have not felt the call to run. If I felt called by God to officially enter the world of politics, I would certainly not hesitate to do so.”

In December, Carson told Newsmax:

“As far as my running for public office, that was never my intention. I thought when I retired I was going to play golf and learn how to play an organ. But, obviously, the good Lord had a different plan for me. I will obviously listen, but that is not what I really had intended to do.”

In May, Carson told The Weekly Standard:

“[He’s] starting to feel it. Because every place I go, it’s unbelievable.”

“[One woman] really touched me the other night … She just kept clinging to my hand and said, ‘You have to run. You have to run.’ And so many people tell me that, and so I think I’m starting to hear something.”

Adding that the idea of running for office would be daunting, Carson said:

“I know how vehemently the left will come after you, try to destroy you, try to destroy your family. But at the same time I recognize that people like Nathan Hale – he said, ‘My only regret is I have but one life to give to my country’ … And if everybody runs for the hills because they’re afraid that somebody is going to attack them or their family, then [the left] will have won.”

Last Friday, Carson announced that he has tapped Terry Giles, a Houston businessman, to be the chairman of his 2016 presidential campaign. In an interview, Carson explained:

“Now is the time to start all of the appropriate exploration and investigation, and put down the structure that is necessary.”

“I would say we are definitely a step or two closer than we were a year ago.”

“Obviously we are very interested in what happens in November, and if the people also continue to show strong desire for me to run, obviously that would be an important factor too.”

“In the meantime, we will focus our attention on helping those candidates who understand the change we need in our nation, and how to lead toward the healing of our nation.”

So my question is: could Ben Carson defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016? He is black and has a growing support base among conservative voters. America has already had its first black president, so the novelty has worn off, but will black voters want to keep a black man in the White House?

On the other hand, Hillary would be the first woman president and will probably garner a large part of the female vote. She is also a flaming liberal and socialist, just like Obama that will garner her a large part of the liberal vote and the millions of uninformed and gullible public.

One factor that may play both ways for Carson is that he is a very ardent and outspoken Christian. That will help him among conservatives and make him the target of liberals. However, a vast majority of Americans are fed up with career politicians like Clinton and may embrace someone who has not been corrupted by the Washington power struggle.

If Carson does run and manages to win the GOP nomination, it would make for one of the most interesting and exciting presidential elections of modern times.

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