Ben Carson & Greg Abbott Ticket for GOP in 2016?

In August I asked the question if Dr. Ben Carson could beat Hillary Clinton in a 2016 presidential race. In that article, I mapped out the history of Carson’s responses to the question of if he would run or not and you can read the progression of that topic here.

On Thursday, it was reported that Carson made it official that he was running for president. He was the first Republican to make an official presidential bid official. However, it was reported on Friday that he hadn’t made it official and that he was seriously starting to think about it.

He is not a career politician nor is he a lawyer. He is a very notable and history making neurosurgeon. If you look at the condition our country is now in, you can blame it on career politicians who have spent their lives wrapped up in the world of politics that often has little to do with the real world. Perhaps what America needs is someone from the real world and not a politician to take over and lead the country back from the brink of destruction.

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Ben Carson is a very conservative, pro-life, pro-America, pro-Constitution Christian black man. He has strong moral values that would be good for our country to return to. He has openly criticized Obamacare and the way Obama has run the country which has helped him to garner a lot of support in the past year. Carson even spent nearly 20 minutes slamming Obamacare at the National Prayer Breakfast as Barack Obama sat 15 feet away from him. Carson has also called for a flat tax system instead of today’s crazy and confusing tax codes.

When Carson announced his run for the presidency on Thursday, I started wondering who I would like to see as his running mate. The usual big names crossed my mind like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and even Rand Paul, but the more I thought about it, the more one name came to mind – Greg Abbott.

For those of you who don’t know Abbott, he was just elected to be the next governor of Texas. He has been serving as Texas State Attorney General. Abbott, like Carson, is very pro-America, pro-life, pro-Constitution, pro-Second Amendment and a Christian.

When New York passed their strict gun control laws, Abbott took out ads in New York inviting citizens who valued their Second Amendment rights to move to Texas. He was also instrumental in wooing several gun manufacturers to move their facilities to the Lone Star State. He also supported then Gov. Rick Perry’s move to send National Guard troops to the Mexican border to help secure it.

When Houston’s lesbian mayor passed the ordinance to give LGBT people special privileges and then went after local pastors for opposing her, Abbott sent her a letter of warning suggesting the possibility of legal action if she didn’t back down.

In his run for governor, Abbott promised that as soon as the Texas legislature passes an open carry bill for the entire state that he will sign it into law. He also promised to work to secure the Texas – Mexico border, improve education in the state and work to improve job opportunities. Abbott is supportive of expanding the fossil fuel industry to help make America energy independent.

Both Carson and Abbott are more concerned about America and what we need to pull us up out of the quagmire of debt and oversized government than they are about the rest of the world. We need leaders who are more concerned about us here at home than using our tax dollars to rebuilt mosques in the Middle East and supply weapons to countries and group that have vowed to destroy America.

I may be in a minority, but right now, even if it’s not official, this is the GOP ticket I would most like to see in 2016. With a GOP controlled Congress, Carson and Abbott could well set America back on the road to recovery in many different areas of life and return us the great nation we once were, at least that’s my hope and prayer.

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