Ben Shapiro Educates CNN on Media Bias

Daily Wire ‘editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro was a guest of CNN’s  Brian Stelter to talk media bias on Sunday’s Reliable Sources. It was obvious that Stelter was unprepared for his interview with Shapiro, or for an interview of anyone with Shapiro’s intellect.

IMHO Stelter is the most biased of CNN reporters and the one who flings the most venom at President Trump.

Stelter whined that the right has been against the MSM for decades, and Shapiro explained logically why it’s justified.

Note transcript segments were taken from CNN

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Stelter: Isn’t that partly because there has been a decade-long movement on the right to discredit the media, well before President Trump came along?

Shapiro: Yes, I would be surprised if it’s just a decade.

Stelter: Decades-long. Yes.

Shapiro: Yes, on the right for as long as I have been alive, there has been a lot of questions about media objectivity.

And I don’t think that those questions are ill-founded. I think this is why, as I have been saying, it’s really incumbent on the media to do as much reporting of the facts as possible and leave a lot of the hyperbole out of it. I know that’s really difficult at a time when the hyperbole seems to not only get ratings but also to jog people’s kind of amygdalas. But the fact is that the more the media underplays, I think the better they will do in terms of people trusting them, because at this time, what’s happening right now is everybody is breaking down into tribal affinity.

President Trump says fake news. A lot of his people say, OK, well, if the president says it, the media are fake on a lot of topics, or at least they are biased on a lot of topics, so why wouldn’t they be biased here as well? The media sort of need to bend over backwards to prove that they aren’t biased, especially in cases like the Russia investigation.

Again, I think what that the president has done this weekend is not normal. I think if the president were to fire Robert Mueller, it would precipitate some really devastating politics in the country, for sure. And it should.

But I think it’s important that the media hold their fire until the point where something really terrible has happened. I’m sorry, but the firing of Andy McCabe, for example, on Friday, that was recommended by the OPR. That is not something that is wildly out of bounds.

What is out of bounds obviously is the president talking about firing Mueller or if he would actually fire Mueller.

The host also asked Shapiro what he thinks the “most egregious media bias” is. And Ben immediately  turned to CNN Stelter’s own network:

“The coverage of the gun debate has been absolutely egregious. And I don’t want to single out your network, but CNN’s been pretty bad on this from a conservative perspective. The idea that when there’s a mass shooting that the media feel the necessity to put on TV not only survivors but specific survivors… and that they decide to single out certain events and not other events in order to make a particular case or they allow certain people to go on TV and suggest that folks like Dana Loesch or people at the NRA are evil, don’t care, they’re terrorists, and there’s no pushback from the anchors.”

This sort of thing makes a lot of people on the right feel that the media are really using this as an opportunity to push gun control, rather than objectively covering

Which led the CNN host to fire some gotcha questions like…


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