Benedict Boehner’s $1.1 Trillion Betrayal

The turnaround on this particular betrayal was quick, even for the Republican leadership.

John Boehner, turning his back on the very voters who just gave his party dominance in Congress, has hijacked the House into passing a $1.1 trillion government spending bill just before the deadline to shut down the government.

The 1,600-page Continuing Resolution Omnibus — dubbed “Cromnibus” by opponents — passed 219-206 on the vote of House Democrats and a bunch of RINOs led by Boehner.

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He must have been channeling the Wicked Witch of the West Coast Nancy Pelosi, because there is no way any human had even the opportunity to skim through the huge bill before it was voted on, much the way Pelosi said of the Affordable Care Act that we had to vote on it to find out what was in it.

Back in 2009, Boehner had been a critic of the Obama stimulus plan because none of the voting members had read it, then when Tea Party efforts made it possible for him to ascend to the Speakership, Boehner promised at least a 72-hour window for reviewing all bills before a vote.

Even Harry Reid isn’t ramming this bill through with the same desperation as Boehner, as Reid had the Senate pass a continuing resolution to give members a couple of days to read the bill.

Cromnibus fully funds Obama’s amnesty and Obamacare. The one tripping stone for Democrats was that the bill eases some banking regulations and allows bigger individual campaign donations, which they fear may help Republicans.

Now that it’s in the hands of Reid’s Senate, however, the Democrats have complete power over what will be removed — and added — to the bill. They could leave it as is or gut it completely and put in any other legislation they want, thanks to Senate rules.

The thing that stings most about Boehner’s craven betrayal is that he had Obama calling Democrats from the White House to shore up support before the vote.

The voters in November repudiated not just the Democratic Party, but Obama’s agenda and his lawless rule. They slapped the figurative scepter from his hand.

Now Boehner has picked it up, dusted it off and handed it back to Obama. He would rather America be a monarchy than to allow conservatives to have any say in the government.

When the new Congress is sworn in after the new year, it will be more of the same.

The only option newly minted Congressfolk and existing conservatives have is to remove Boehner and all his cronies from power.

Boehner has just removed any chance of the new Congress putting its stamp on government spending for the next year. New members of Congress should return the favor and give Boehner the demotion he so richly deserves.

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