Benghazi Email May Be ‘Smoking Gun,’ but White House Still Spinning

A Freedom of Information Act request about documents related to the Benghazi, Libya, attack that killed a U.S. ambassador and three others has turned up a memo that seems to prove that the Obama Administration lied and deliberately covered up what happened.

The document is an email sent Sept. 14, 2012, from deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes to then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and White House press secretary Jay Carney. 

Intended to brief Rice for her rounds on the Sunday news talk shows just three days after the attack, the memo advises her to blame the now-infamous anti-Muslim YouTube video by a Coptic Christian living in Los Angeles.

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In the memo, Rhodes tells Rice “to underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

He then adds that her job is “to reinforce the President and Administration’s strength and steadiness in dealing with difficult challenges” leading into the presidential election.

Columnist Charles Krauthammer commented, “Before an election, Obama is saying GM is alive, Al-Qaida is dead. He’s running essentially the foreign policy issue, on which the whole campaign is based, is one that says he killed bin Laden, Al-Qaida is on the run.”

In fact, a group of former military and intelligence veterans calling themselves the Citizens Commission on Benghazi came out with a damning report last month that accused the Obama Administration of switching sides in the War on Terror and providing or allowing arms to be delivered to al-Qaida-linked mercenaries in Libya, leading directly to the attack at Benghazi.

Carney did his best imitation of a pretzel while trying to think of some way to spin the story so that the memo didn’t look like the bombshell it is. He finally settled for an old-fashioned lie, saying the memo was about something other than Benghazi entirely, though he didn’t specify what.

(Carney increasingly strikes me as one of those guys who, when he was being teased in high school about his lack of experience with women, would always produce a tale about a mysterious, previously unsuspected love affair with a young lady in the Niagara Falls region — you wouldn’t know her — in an effort to gain street cred.)

An official Obama Administration statement said, “Unlike those who insist on politicizing the events in Benghazi, our focus remains on ensuring that a tragedy like this isn’t repeated in Libya or anywhere else in the world. In our view, these documents only serve to reinforce what we have long been saying: that in the days after September 11, 2012, we were concerned by unrest occurring across the region and that we provided our best assessment of what was happening at the time.”

Most of that “unrest across the region,” of course, had to do with the Obama Administration rattling sabers and fomenting rebellions for Obama’s own purposes.

Most of the media at this point are running with the headline “White House says memo wasn’t about Benghazi,” with a dash of attacks against Fox News, led by the ever-present Media Matters, which once again is at the top of search results.

The good news is that the discovery of the memo may help light a fire under congressional Republicans’ butts.

Still, I wouldn’t start holding my breath.

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