Benghazi Personnel Knew They Were Being Watched, Cables Show

At least two cables, published by Foreign Policy magazine, show that Ambassador Chris Stevens’ team was aware the U.S. mission in Benghazi was being observed the morning before the attack that killed Stevens and three other Americans.

The cables indicate the inside of the mission was being surreptitiously photographed from an upstairs window in a building across the street. The individual doing the photographing is identified as being assigned to the Libyan police security detachment that was supposed to be protecting the mission.

According to one of the cables, U.S. personnel had been assured of a 24-hour police presence at its main and rear gates, as well as the use of an explosives-detecting police dog, but the police only showed up occasionally and were missing for hours at a time.

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A CIA-issued time line reported on by the Washington Post appears to detail the actions of two teams that included two former SEALs who were among those killed at the mission during the attack, but it does not answer questions about the role of the White House or State Department during the attacks.

The time line denies previously published reports that a drone observing the attacks was armed or that an order to abort a missile launch was given. It does, however, admit that the SEALs and other defenders on the mission roof shined lasers on enemy targets. According to the time line, the lasers were used as a “warning” to the enemies not to attack, not to “paint” a target for an incoming missile.

The information in the time line also indicates that the defenders were aware that Ansar al-Sharia was the group leading the attack, only hours after the attack began.

There is no mention at all of any protest.

It seems that every bit of information the Administration issues to “set the record straight” just digs the hole deeper.

It’s clear, even by what little information has come out of the government, that the story about a YouTube video and mass protests was manufactured from whole cloth.

The Administration lied from Day One about the attack in Benghazi in a calculated effort to hide what actually happened. That much could be seen by a blind man, yet the mainstream media are pretending there’s no story here.

Conservatives need to do what they can to spread the truth far and wide in the remaining days before the election. Only if Obama loses will there be any hope of getting at the truth.

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