Bernie Gives Bleak Thanksgiving Message: ‘It’s been a Horrendous Year’

Leave it to ol’ Bern to give the most depressing Thanksgiving message possible!

Senator Bernie Sanders took his shot at the presidential election and lost in the Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton. He has apparently had a rough year since then!

For Thanksgiving, Sanders posted an extremely bleak message, calling this year horrendous. I almost thought he was going to start talking about the apocalypse.

He said, “I don’t have to tell anybody that from a political point of view this has been a horrendous year,” the Vermont senator continued on Twitter, “It appears that almost every day there is something coming out of the White House that is embarrassing, that is destructive, that is horrific.”

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Sanders even attempted to claim that President Trump is causing segregation based on skin color, religion, and sexual orientation.

Obviously he was not paying attention for the last 8 years while Obama was president.

Sanders tried to end on a “positive” note (if you can call it that) and said that Americans are starting to “catch on” to the “disaster,” referring to Trump and his leadership.


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