Bernie Sanders thought it was a good idea to debate Ted Cruz. It did not go well for Bernie. Not only doesn’t he know anything about economics, he doesn’t know much about history. Leftists like Sanders love to use the story of Robin Hood to make a case for wealth confiscation of working people.

“In Bernie’s analogy,” Cruz said, “it is the Democrats who are King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. And Robin Hood is saying: ‘Tax collectors, stop hammering people who are struggling, who are laboring in the fields, who are working. Stop taking it to the castle to give out to your buddies.’”

The media are equally ignorant of the Robin Hood story.

I saw a lot of articles that described President Obama’s call for “a $175 billion tax cut for the middle class, faster and cheaper broadband internet, a week of paid sick leave, discounted mortgages paid for by raising taxes on the rich and inheritances” as Robin Hood economic policy. Politico got it wrong with this article headline: “5 things about Barack Obama’s Robin Hood tax plan.” There’s nothing Robin Hoody about it.

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This isn’t the first time the Robin Hood analogy has been used in the wrong way.

Speaking at a rally in Stamford, Connecticut, President Obama attacked Mitt Romney’s economic plan during the 2012 election cycle by referencing Robin Hood. The president blamed “the uncompromising view that says we should be going back to the old top-down economics that got us into this mess in the first place.”

He contrasted his own tax and spend plan with Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut. “It’s like Robin Hood in reverse — it’s Romney-hood.” Of course, the partisan and ignorant crowd laughed and roared and whistled its approval of the equally ignorant words of the president.

This line from The Hill caught my attention:

“If Obama is casting himself as the hero, he also hopes to cast newly empowered congressional Republicans as the villains — multiple Sheriffs of Nottingham defending the rich and influential.”

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