Bernie Sanders: Of Course I’ll Raise Taxes

There’s one thing about Bernie Sanders, a character trait he has that is not shared by other Democrats. He’s honest.

Don’t read too much into that.

He’s delusional if he thinks an open Socialist can win the presidency, even in this ignorant age. And he’s stark raving crackers if he thinks his policies would actually be good for the country.

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But he is honest in that he comes right out and says what he’s thinking and what he intends to do.

Though he is by no means the only Socialist in the Democratic Party, he seems to be the only one who admits it.

And just this weekend during an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” he admitted that he plans to raise everybody’s taxes to pay for longer maternity and medical leave.

Three months’ paid maternity and medical leave sounds about right to Bernie because that’s what they have in Europe. For Socialists, it’s not about keeping up with the Joneses, it’s about keeping up with the Dutch.

Sanders told George Stephanopoulos, “I think if you are looking about guaranteeing paid family and medical leave, which every other major country has so that when a mom gives birth she doesn’t have to go back to work in two weeks, … dad or mom can stay home with the kids, that will require a small increase in the payroll tax.”

A mildly surprised Stephanopoulos replied, “That’s going to hit everybody.”

“That would hit everybody, yeah, it would,” Sanders said.

Even though I would say that Sanders is honest within certain parameters, he’s not so stupid as to say something that will scare off his base.

To that end, he occasionally practices “Vulcan honesty.” Star Trek fans will know what that is, but for others, the character of Mr. Spock had a reputation for never lying, but during the course of the show, he realized that you don’t have to lie to an enemy if you simply withhold certain facts.

Which is what Bernie did during another part of the interview when he was talking about taxing “Trump and his billionaire friends” and Stephanopoulos pressed him to answer whether that meant no tax increases on people below the top 1 percent of earners.

“I didn’t say that,” Bernie replied, neglecting to expand on the answer.

So see? Technically honest — which is a far sight better than Hillary or Crazy Uncle Joe.

To watch more of the interview, click here.

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