Bernie Sanders Panders to Muslims

If it wasn’t clear yet, Bernie Sanders’ performance Wednesday in Virginia shows that he intends to be every bit as pro-Muslim as our current Oval Office holder.

In a moment guaranteed to make the Left swoon, Sanders pandered to Muslims everywhere when he brought a Muslim student up on stage at George Mason University, embraced her and vowed to fight anti-Islamic sentiment among Americans, citing the Holocaust and his experience as a Jew.

The sideshow began when the young woman asked a long-winded question about what Sanders intended to do about people who say bad things about Islam (such as cranky writers on conservative websites).

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Sanders invited the woman up on stage, put his arm around her (a move that could get her and him beaten or killed in some other countries), and said, “Let me be very personal if I might. I’m Jewish. My father’s family died in concentration camps. I will do everything that I can to rid this country of the ugly stain of racism which has existed for far too many years.”

Thus spake the Great White Equalizer.

There was more he blathered about, but the above illustrates the real heart of the problem with the Left in regards to Islam.

Let’s start with the simple observation that Islam is not a race. Never has been. While the young lady appeared to be some sort of African heritage, Islam is a worldview that cuts across all races, despite its Arab origin.

So right off the bat, Sanders demonstrates he has no idea what issue he’s even addressing, that he is responding to the young woman’s skin color rather than her question about Islam.

Second, comparing anti-Islamic speech, much of it justifiable, to the Holocaust in which millions of Jews and non-Jews were murdered for not fitting into Hitler’s plans for German society is beyond morally obtuse. It is intellectually dishonest and a blatant political sop to win over Muslim voters.

It’s also Sanders’ personal guarantee that he will further degrade America’s relationship with Israel.

Third, and most importantly, in his hunger for votes, Sanders is oblivious to the nature and very real threat Islam poses wherever it plants its feet. Islam’s built-in hatred of Jews was a perfect fit with Hitler’s philosophies in World War II, leading the Nazis to fund and ally themselves with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood hasn’t changed, so Sanders is essentially siding with the descendants of the same group of anti-Semites who he says killed his father’s family.

Islam is unique among the major world religions in being founded by a warlord, and it has ever since spread by the sword, as its founder commanded. Islam intellectually has little to offer as it appeals to baser instincts with promises rooted firmly in the physical (72 virgins, etc.), so it really only spreads primarily in two ways: through invasion and breeding.

That truth is being demonstrated right now in Europe, and our current Islamophiles in the White House want the same to happen here. Sanders is essentially saying he’s OK with that policy of giving away America.

We’ve already suffered through a president who promised to “fundamentally transform” America and has followed through to the best of his ability.

The Left is hoping the same low-information voters will hand us another one who will do the same.

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