Best Republican Ad of 2012

We’ve all been bombarded with political campaign ads this year, especially in the past month.  I think there are far more this time than in any election in history, at least it seems that way where I live.

I can’t help but get angry at all of the lies in the Obama ads.  They are rife with lies and contorted facts.  They make claims about Obama that aren’t true and try to make his record seem bright and shining when in fact it’s dull and tarnished.

Sometimes I even get upset at the Romney ads as I feel he is not hitting some of the key issues strong enough.  I know he doesn’t want to seem as divisive and nasty as Obama, but then he needs to realize that like it or not, in American politics these days, nice guys often finish last.

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There are some ads made by some of the PACs and other organizations that are not officially part of either candidate’s campaign.  Some of have been pretty good and have said the things that I wish Romney would say.  But there is one campaign ad that in my mind rises above all the rest and the story behind it is a remarkable one.

In 1944, Budapest, Hungary was being bombed by Russian planes.  To avoid the bombs overhead, a Hungarian woman was giving birth to a son in the basement of the hospital.  The lad survived and grew up under communist rule in his country.  He learned firsthand how socialism works and how it strips away all integrity and desire to improve one’s self.  As he grew, he studied engineering and dreamed of someday being able to go to America to escape the communist government of his homeland.

In 1965, his dream came true and he was allowed to emigrate to the U.S. as a political refugee from communism.  He gave up his engineering studies and came to the U.S. unable to speak a word of English.  He eventually secured a job as an architectural draftsman working on highway projects.  He volunteered to help program a computer the company bought.  That programming launched a new career for him.

In time, he took his newly acquired programing skills and started designing and creating new financial modeling programs.  One day, he decided to abandon this business and managed to purchase a seat on the American Stock Exchange where he traded in equity options.  He used his programming skills to convert manual trading practices into automated computerized processes.  In the 1980s, he introduced the first handheld computer to the floor of the stock exchange.  His efforts eventually created his own company called Interactive Brokers where he serves as the founder and CEO.  In the course of his business dealings, this Hungarian immigrant (legal immigrant), is now a worth approximately $5 billion.

His name is Thomas Peterffy and he lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Peterffy has never forgotten about his Hungarian roots and what it was like to live under the socialist rule of communism.  Now, he sees the same socialist influences taking place in America under the rule of the Democrats.  Afraid of what America might become if the Democrats win the election, Peterffy produced his own campaign ad and paid for it and all of the air time with his own money.  It is his ad and he speaks from the heart of someone who recognizes what is happening in America today.  Take a minute to carefully listen to what he has to say and please pass his ad on to as many others as you can.  Thank you.

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