Better a Blind Eye to Child Rape Than Allow a Gay “Witch Hunt”?

According to Reuters, “Speculation about the identity of a senior Conservative party member accused of child sex abuse could descend into a “witch-hunt” of homosexuals, British Prime Minister David Cameron said…”

Cameron has got the Conservative Party on “Red Alert” because of accusations of pedophilia that have been made against a senior Conservative Party member. This is fallout from the revelations that the recently deceased Jimmy Savile was a prolific pedophile and likely also a necrophiliac.

The most horrible part of the story is that it is extremely likely that Savile was not only abusing children, but procuring them of the abuse of others. Police have arrested his former chauffer and flatmate, though insisting these were over other allegations unrelated to the Savile inquiry. The police have also questioned and released on bail glam rock singer Gary Glitter and comedian Freddie Starr. However, with Savile’s high level relationships with politicians and royalty there is no reason to think the scandal only involves entertainers.

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Cameron went on a British morning show yesterday and was “ambushed” by a list of names the show’s host had gathered from the internet in only a few minutes. You can watch the “ambush” on ITV or here. Cameron would not deal with the names. He simply said that he was worried about people on the internet looking into the issue because of suspicions falling on “gay” people. “There is a danger if we are not careful that this can turn into a sort of witch hunt, particularly about people who are gay, and I’m worried about the sort of thing you are doing right now, taking a list of names off the internet.”

Two things to say to this:

First, as much as it is right to be concerned that innocent people will be maligned, Cameron ought to know that the reason for the suspicions now is that people have been blocking real investigation for years. Someone has killed police investigations and someone had dumped news stories about Jimmy Savile and his horrific pedophile adventures. If the government doesn’t want people to get paranoid and proactive in trying to figure out who the culprits are, then he and all politicians on both sides of the Atlantic need to realize how much damage has been done by the past forty or more years of cover-up. If there had never been a cover-up about a pedophile whose connections included the Royal Family, there would be nor rumors on the internet now.

Secondly, is it wise to use the protection of the reputation of “gays” as a reason not to investigate names? I realize that Cameron wants the police to do the investigating. And of course not all gays commit pedophilia.  But the overlap is pretty stunning. And yet people who ask about how we are going to retain an abhorrence of pedophilia are treated as if they are attacking homosexuality—which virtually admits the connection.

Once again, what we have here are members of the elites of a Western nation, who have been involved in brutal pedophilia. This is, as much as possible, being kept quiet. We have no idea if the truth will really come out or if it will be covered up. And in the meantime the fact that the reputations of gay people might be damaged is being used as a way of keeping the media in the dark.

If the situation is crazy now, what will happen when homosexual marriage and adoption are more common?

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