Bible-Believing Americans Need to Boycott Rose Parade

I’m not normally a fan of boycotts, but we need to boycott the annual Pasadena Rose Parade.

The nationally viewed New Year’s Day parade this year is going to feature a homosexual wedding, including the sight of two men pawing and kissing each other.

In California, gay marriage has become the de facto law of the land despite the majority of Californians voting against it twice, thanks to the machinations of the perverts in the Democratic Party and the Supreme Court’s refusal to address the issue based on a technicality.

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So now the entire country will be expected to applaud the homosexual marriage float sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which is putting forth the ridiculous notion that “marriage” will keep homosexual men from getting AIDS. (It’s really just a public health issue, didn’t you know?)

Danny LeClair and Aubrey Loots, both hair dressers (really), will take their vows atop the float, presumably in front of the main parade stands and all the TV cameras, and show America that “we’re standing on the shoulders of thousands of men and women who came before us in this fight for marriage equality,” according to LeClair.

Joining the two on the float will be a lesbian couple, Sharon Raphael and Mina Meyer, who “married” in 2008.

This is about anything but “love.” This is a full-on, in-your-face, frontal assault on Judeo-Christian values, broadcast internationally, and you are expected to applaud it.

The message here is that God is dead, morality is irrelevant, and perversion is the wave of the future.

The parade organizers are allowing this out of some hyper-PC sense of fashion and the fear of being sued, because they fundamentally agree with the above assessment and think that conventional morality is done for.

Given the short time frame (the homosexual marriage was just widely announced last week) and the fact that this is a one-time national event, the only viable option Bible-believing Americans have to express their disapproval is a boycott.

Just turn off the parade. Make it known to the sponsors that you won’t be buying their products because they are supporting homosexual marriage at a family event. Every time gay activists come after Christians, they go after sponsors and supporters. Turnabout is fair play.

If you happen to be among the thousands of people lining the parade route, you can still show your disapproval when the float goes by. You don’t have to be rude. Just stand up and turn your back to the float as it passes.

Since this means you likely will be facing other audience members, just stare them down if you have to. Jesus bore a lot worse than disapproving glares for your sake. You can take it for him. If anyone asks what you’re doing, just say you believe marriage is between one man and one woman, and you stand with God and the Bible.

Because it is time to make a stand, America.

So many people weasel out of the moral issue by saying, well, homosexual marriage doesn’t affect my marriage, so why should I care?

But how will it affect your children? In a world where marriage is about sex, not children, do you think your kids are more or less likely to get married and raise a family with solid morals? Because if marriage is just about sex, then who needs it in the first place? Anybody can have sex, and without the emotional consequences of commitment. If you want a future where your grandkids will be more likely to be born out of wedlock and to multiple parents, then by all means support homosexual “marriage equality.”

And that slippery slope argument? It’s 100 percent true. Just in the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen two judges rule that laws against polygamy are unconstitutional, based on the growing acceptance of homosexual “marriage.” How would you feel about your little baby girl one day tying the knot with the man of her dreams — and six other women?

If, however, you believe marriage is a sacred covenant between one man and one woman, then it’s time to make it known, America. There will be other parades. Whether they are wholesome, family affairs depends on what you do now.

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