Bible Education in High Schools an Overdue Idea

A bill approved by Wyoming’s House of Representatives has potential for greatly improving public education.

To atheists’ dismay, the house passed a bill last week that would allow high schools to offer elective courses on the Bible. It’s one of the sanest ideas to come out of any government in a long time.

Critics will jump on this idea as some sort of “indoctrination” in violation of the mythical, mystical “church-state separation” that the liberal courts have adopted. But the Supreme Court has ruled on numerous occasions that schools can offer courses on the Bible so long as they are not used for devotional purposes.

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The Bible has long been a missing component in American education, being relegated to a dusty shelf in school libraries as children were subjected to a nonstop anti- intellectual diet of Darwinism, which has become virtually a religion of its own.

Science is a great tool for examining the world around you, and it can lead to amazing discoveries. But the greatest virtue of science has always been its correctibility. When an idea is shown to be wrong by experimentation, the scientific method provides for revision of hypotheses, theories and conclusions.

Where science falls apart is when people start taking it as Truth, capital T, rather than as a tool for finding out facts. That’s the exact situation in most public schools today. If there’s any indoctrinating going on, it’s by those preaching the twin gospels of Darwinism and Marxism.

The Bible holds a unique place in human history as the holy book of one of the few major monotheistic religions. But more than that, it has been the source of inspiration for Western civilization at its best and worst moments.

As often as good men have drawn strength from the Bible to lead civilization forward, evil men have cited it in their efforts to drag civilization back. It gave the diverse cultures of Europe the heart to pull together and repel Muslim invaders on several occasions, then was abused by many of those same protectors who were overcome by their own greed and xenophobia.

It’s stirred the imaginations of artists, writers, musicians and philosophers. Its worldview nurtured science by describing a universe designed by an eternal and just Creator whose laws can be understood by observation and reasoning.

The Bible is the cultural touchstone that led to the Founding Fathers’ most passionate ideas about freedom, government and inherent human rights.

Critics of the plan to offer elective courses on the Bible are ignorant of these points. They in fact are the best example of why children need to learn about the Bible.

Even people who are not Jewish or Christian have an incomplete understanding of the culture they live in if they don’t know about the Bible.

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