Bible Has No Place in Public Universities Says Prof

Public education at all levels – kindergarten through university – has become a haven for liberals who openly bully Christian students.

When I was in college, I had professors who berated Christians. One told me on the first day of class that if I opened my mouth in his classroom that I would receive a failing grade for the entire semester. I had never taken any classes from that professor, but found out that he was friends with another professor I had taken a class from where I challenged the illogical flaws of his evolutionary teaching.

A co-worker of mine was pursuing a degree in geology at the largest state university in his state. He was shocked on the first day of his first geology class when the professor, who turned out to be his advisor, announced to the class that he does not tolerate Christians or creationists and that he would fail them and make sure they never received a degree in his field. This co-worker kept his Christian faith and belief in young-earth creationism quiet throughout his four years of college.

Years ago I ran my own creation ministry in Arizona. I was contacted by the parents of a junior high student who faced similar harassment from her science teacher. They told me that the teacher completely humiliated their daughter in front of the rest of class to point that she ran out of the room in tears. Other students then started bullying and teasing her to the point that she refused to go to school. The actions of this one teacher completely crushed the love of learning of a straight A outgoing student just because she was a Christian and believed what the Bible said.

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When I worked for Answers In Genesis, I was contacted by many parents and students who had similar stories. One of those who contacted me was the parent of a first grader who was devastated by his teacher who told him the Bible was a lie and there is no God and that he needed to learn that lesson now. They were livid and demanded the teacher be fired, but the school backed up the teacher’s statement. The parents ended up homeschooling their son after that.

I’ve heard many similar accounts from all grade levels and in today’s anti-Christian liberally decadent America, it’s happening more and more. College and university professors seem to be the worst. Many of them of have what I call the ‘PhD god complex’ where they believe they know more than anyone else and that it’s their duty to beat their students into their likeness. Woe to anyone who resists or challenges their authority or knowledge.

Such is the case of Professor Annette Kuhlman who teaches anthropology and sociology at the University of Wisconsin. Rachel Langeberg was taking one of Kuhlman’s classes when the professor gave them an assignment. Langeberg completed her assignment and turned it in, but was shocked with the reaction of her professor.

Kuhlman insisted that Langeberg remove all of the biblical references she used in her assignment and then re-submit it or take a failing grade on the assignment. Then the professor brazenly told the student that there is no place for the Bible in a secular institution.

Langeberg decided to take a stand for her religious beliefs and rights and tried to talk to Kuhlman and dean at the university, but Kuhlman would not budge and the dean supported the professor. That’s when Langeberg contacted Richard Mast, an attorney with Liberty Counsel. After hearing what happened to her, Mast sent a letter to Kuhlman demanding that she apologize to Langeberg. Mast told OneNewsNow:

“The important thing about this is to educate the public and the students. Students have religious rights on public school and university campuses, and students may share their faith in terms of assignment responses where that’s within the call of the assignment.”

“She was particularly concerned, with this professor, that if she didn’t stand up for this, that other students might come behind her and not know their rights and not know of the availability of organizations like Liberty Counsel. They would be squelched and would not be able to share their faith in response to classroom assignments.”

As I stated earlier, this is becoming an all too common occurrence within academia. Teachers and professors assume that students have zero religious rights and will go to extremes to crush their Christian faith. However, students do have religious rights and they need to stand up for their faith. Don’t let this happen to you or your kids. If need be follow the example of Langeberg and contact a Christian law association like Liberty Counsel to help them educate the educators.


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