Biden: ‘Don’t Screw With Me’

If you think President Obama is not all there and suffering from delusions of grandeur, take a look at his Vice President, Joe Biden.

Earlier this summer, Biden referred to all members of the Tea Party as terrorists. He ranted about how the Tea Party was holding America hostage during the debt crisis. At one of the presidential press conferences, Biden was caught swearing, using the ‘f’ word just off the podium, but still audible on video

Biden continues to place the blame on former President Bush for the economy and then states publicly that Obama should take responsibility for the current state of the economy and then turns around again and blames Republicans.

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Since then he has gone off ranting about one thing after another and never apologizing or retracting what he says.

In his latest rant, he claimed people have been murdered, homes burned down, women have been raped all because of Wall Street Ponzi schemes. He also said that if Republicans don’t pass Obama’s jobs bill that the number of attacks and rapes will increase.

When asked about his statement, he denied making any reference to rape. A Human Events reporter pressed the Vice President who got rather terse with the reporter and said, “I didn’t use, no no no…Let’s get it straight, guy. Don’t screw around with me.”

Biden then realized he was cornered and admitted to making the statement about an increase in rape and then added, “Murder will continue to rise, rape will continue to rise, all crimes will continue to rise.”

Listen for yourself to the Vice President as he reiterates that murders, rape and burglaries will continue to rise if the jobs bill isn’t passed:

The increases in these crimes are an indication of the failure of the current administration and their policies. Biden may be correct in his prediction that crime rates will increase in the future, but his blame is pointed in the wrong direction. In the current economy, it’s no surprise for certain crimes to increase.

But Biden and Obama continue to ignore all of the experts that state that his jobs program will most likely result in greater job losses once the incentives disappear and the taxes on the wealthy and business owners kick in. In all reality, if the Republicans DO pass the jobs bill, there is a very good chance that the increase loss of jobs starting in 2013 will drive crime rates even higher.
The reporter doesn’t have to screw with the Vice President because he is already screwed up.

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