Biden Has No Clue About Home State’s Politics

Vice President Joe Biden has provided commentators and political writers like myself, with an abundance of things to write about due to the lack of a connection between his brain and his mouth.  I don’t believe I have ever heard any politician holding the office of Vice President or President say as many stupid and untrue statements as Biden has.  Watching him during the debate with Rep. Paul Ryan, Biden reminded me of a child diagnosed with ADHD who hadn’t taken their medication for some time.

What perhaps may be one of his worst gaffes of all time occurred after the elections.

Biden is from Delaware and one would expect him to have some clue of the state’s political scene, but evidently, he is as clueless with Delaware politics as he is with national politics.  Eric Bodenweiser is a Republican who was running for state senate in Delaware.  In October, Bodenweiser withdrew from his senate race because he was indicted for 113 felony counts centering on accusations of him repeatedly raping a boy who was thirteen years of age when the assaults began.

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Bodenweiser responded to the charges with a letter to a local newspaper saying:

“[I am] an active member of the Sussex County Bible Church, and I’m a dedicated husband, father and grandfather.  I volunteer as a mentor in a middle school, and I’ve mentored for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, as well,”

Republican Brian Pettyjohn launched a write-in campaign for the state senate seat that Bodenweiser had been running for.  It was too late to get his name on the ballots as it was also too late to take Bodenweiser’s name off the ballots.  Pettyjohn won the state senate seat taking 59.8 percent of the votes.

On November 19, nearly two weeks after the elections, Biden sent Bodenweiser a letter congratulating him on winning the state senate seat.  Biden’s letter also said how much he looks forward to working with the new state senator:

“I encourage you to reflect on the extraordinary moment we’re living in … The President and I remain confident that with your help, America’s best days lie ahead.”

Obviously, Biden and his staff paid no real attention to the actual election results and just sent out a batch of form letters to candidates who won, including people who withdrew a month prior to the election and who didn’t win.  But then why should we be surprised?  Isn’t this par for the course for Biden and his staff?

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