Biden, Kerry in Need of Muslim Reality Check

Idiot, definition: 1) See Joe Biden. 2) See John Kerry.

When people harm Americans we don’t retreat, and we don’t forget,” Biden said during a speech at Portsmouth Naval Shipyards in New Hampshire. “They should know, we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice, because hell is where they will reside! Hell is where they will reside!”

The words aimed at ISIS aren’t so bad themselves, and they might even resound if they were spoken by someone with any intellectual weight or moral authority. But this is Biden talking here, the guy who said during an interview with Katie Couric that Franklin Delano Roosevelt talked to Americans via television when the stock market crashed in 1929. (Libs, if you don’t get the problem there, look it up.) This is the guy who called the Boston bombers “knock-off jihadis.”

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If either President Bush had said the above lines, you would have known they meant business. Heck, if President Clinton had said it, you would have known that he was royally ticked and looking to bomb the hell out of somebody. If Reagan had said it … hoo boy … if Reagan had said it, the world would be quaking in its boots, the Russian leader would have been on the phone begging to polish his cowboy boots, and the thunder wouldn’t stop until all the territories taken by ISIS had been reshaped to look like the set of “Happy Days.”

But this is Biden. It’s like letting Krusty the Clown give a foreign policy speech. Dan Quayle may have misspelled “potato,” but Biden is the avatar of Mr. Potato Head.

And it doesn’t help that he is representing an Administration that has become a global laughingstock, particularly after President Obama last week admitted he hasn’t got a clue how to stop ISIS, and many people believe he doesn’t want to.

“Follow them to the gates of hell”? It’s unlikely Biden knows how much he sounds like Captain Ahab, but if he really wants to follow ISIS to hell, it shouldn’t be hard to find. Just look in any of the cities ISIS has conquered and to which it has brought “enlightened” shariah law, then follow the trail of corpses that grows longer every day that the Obama Administration dithers.

Speaking of dithering, Secretary of State John Kerry was in fine form the other day. Lt. Froot Loops was attending a ceremony to appoint Texas lawyer Shaarik Zafar to be a special representative to Muslim communities, when he started into a classic barrage of babble worthy of Grandpa Simpson.

Kerry told the audience that it was America’s biblical duty, based on the Book of Genesis, to protect Muslim countries from global warming.

According to Kerry, who I’m pretty certain hasn’t consulted the Bible in recent memory, America is to regard Muslim countries “with a sense of stewardship of Earth,” and “that responsibility comes from God.”

I think I recall that passage from the Book of Liberal Fantasy 1:42.

Muslim special representative Zafar was probably wondering if he was at the right ceremony.

But this is the Obama Administration — kowtow to people who want to overthrow the American way of life, then threaten to blow them to bits for promising to overthrow the American way of life, then sit on your thumbs and let them actually overthrow the American way of life.

Just so long as we all fight the real distraction, er, enemy: global warming.

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