Biden Mocks Gun Owners as New York Begins Confiscation

I saw some graffiti the other day while driving on the freeway that made me smile. It caught my attention because it wasn’t the usual unintelligible, multicolored “gangsta” gibberish. This simply said, in two-foot-tall letters, “Wake up and smell the chem trails.”

It was amusing because chem trails are some of those things you’re not supposed to notice, under threat of being ostracized as some sort of fringe wacko. Yet anybody can see them in the sky if you look carefully (they behave differently from normal aircraft contrails), and you can follow Google to the websites of government agencies that are either making them or studying their uses under the name of geoengineering.

Just don’t talk about them because that could get you labeled part of “the black helicopter crowd,” Vice President Joe Biden’s current favorite phrase.

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See, you’re part of the “black helicopter crowd,” according to Joe, if you don’t trust your government, if you think the Obama Administration is going to track your personal information in a federal registry, or if you believe the government wants to take your guns and leave you defenseless.

I can’t imagine why people wouldn’t trust the government that brought us Obamacare without a written bill, amnesty by executive order, Fast and Furious, and the Benghazi coverup.

“Kinda scary man, the black helicopter crowd is really upset,” Biden said Tuesday in mocking the NRA and gun owners. “… No way that Uncle Sam can go find out whether you own a gun because we’re about to really take away all your rights and you’re not going to be able to defend yourself and we’re going to swoop down with Special Forces folks and gather up every gun in America. It’s bizarre, but that’s what’s being sold out there.”

Biden and Obama have both been busy lately, pushing gun control and assuring everybody that there’s no way that smiling government man is really just a well-dressed crocodile waiting to bite off your arm.

Right on cue, the sycophants in the media have reinforced the Administration talking points.

Time magazine’s Joe Klein, talking on Chris Matthews’ Sunday show, said, “There’s something else that’s going on now that is really, really dangerous, and it’s this festering sense that we need to have these semi-automatic weapons because the government in Washington is about to oppress us.

“And that is paranoia that these groups like the NRA, the Gun Owners of America — they feed this c**p, and it really is anti-American.”

No, Joe, it’s anti-government but very pro-American, if you’d ever crack a history book. And funny thing about that paranoia crack — it’s evidently not paranoid at all to think that there are people in America who are willing to sell off their Second Amendment rights for a pat on the head from President Obama — because there you are. Since government is made up of “people,” it follows that there are some people in government who want to take away other people’s guns. And yet, not a single one of the anti-gun laws being studied would have stopped any of the recent mass shootings, therefore there must be another reason for wanting to get guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.

Do you see where this is going yet, or is it just something about guys named Joe that makes them incapable of grasping the meaning of two plus two?

While the bibbling idiots from the Administration and the media have been telling America to ignore the men behind the curtain, some of those pesky munchkins have begun living out their fantasies in New York and ordering citizens to turn in their lawfully-owned firearms.

So far as is known, this tactic may not be widespread yet, but it is evidently an approach the New York government is pursuing.

Apparently, a provision of the NY SAFE Act, New York’s brand new gun law, mandates the confiscation of otherwise legally owned guns from anyone who has been prescribed certain types of psychotropic drugs in the past.

An unnamed gun owner hired attorney Jim Tresmond after receiving an official notice that he must turn in his guns to his local police station, according to a story in The Blaze.

Tresmond says his client has no record and no history of violence or other conduct that would warrant confiscation of his guns, but that the state police evidently got his client’s health records from the federal Health and Human Services Department, possibly in violation of health confidentiality laws.

The police informed Tresmond that if people receiving letters from the state don’t respond, local police are authorized to go to their homes and demand that any weapons be turned over.

Gee, that sounds almost like — nah, couldn’t be — like the government keeping a registry, “swooping down” and “gathering up” the guns of law abiding citizens. It even sounds a little like, just maybe, perhaps a bit, the government’s “about to oppress us.”

But surely that’s just anti-American, black helicopter c**p? The two Joes and Obama told me so.

What’s most interesting about the New York goings-on is that apparently nobody in the media or in the government noticed the provision allowing confiscation until the law was signed into effect.

Guess you have to pass it to know what’s in it, huh? I’m sure glad our federal government isn’t that irresponsible. …

Wake up and smell the gun confiscation, America.

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