Biden Spews Communist Rhetoric at Union Rally

Vice President Joe Biden visited Las Vegas this past Friday to speak at a Teamsters Rally. Biden fired up the more than 1,500 attendees with inflammatory remarks and misstatements against Republicans such as this,

“(Republicans) really believe that a strong U.S. economy rests upon an ever increasing accumulation of wealth and power in the hands of a few enlightened guys they think are smarter than you are,” Biden said. “You are the only thing that stands between the barbarians at the gate and them taking it all over.”

You’ve got to be kidding me, Biden. Are you sure you’re not talking about the Democrat party here? The Democrats and the Liberals are the ones who advocate raiding the private sector to fill their D.C. coffers with wealth and power only to redistribute it in such a way that enslaves a voting bloc and advances their own “enlightened” agenda.

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Hard-working men and women like the Teamsters have been duped into believing the lies of the Left for years. The Las Vegas Review Journal quotes Rudy Gardner, 55, of Washington, D.C., as saying…

“I just liked what he was saying about how the rich are trying to kill the rest of the world… People are tired of what is going on.”

Dear Rudy, I’ve got news for you. You’ve got no idea “what is going on.” It’s the rich that create jobs, innovate, and make the world prosper. The Big Government Socialists, however, are living like parasites that will eventually kill their host. Those are the bad guys, Rudy.

And Biden knows better. He’s not stupid. He knows if he says the right things he will get the Unions to vote Democrat again in 2012. I just hope conservatives will set the record straight and stop the Communist Rhetoric from destroying what’s left of our Republic.

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