Biden’s Blindness

The morning after President Obama gave his opening campaign lie, I mean his 2012 State of the Union address, Vice President Joe Biden appeared on the CBS This Morning show.  They also hosted House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, but only gave Cantor one third the time that they gave Biden, which is no surprise ever since they started their new line-up of hosts earlier this month, the show has been extremely openly biased for Obama and the Democrats.

Vice President Biden was interviewed by anchor Charlie Rose.  As I listened to the interview, Biden’s prejudicial biases came shining through.  Listen to a couple of the questions Rose asked Biden and then read Biden’s responses:

Rose: “Many looked at that State of the Union address and said it was an address to the state of the union but it was also the opening of a political campaign and that it was almost a campaign message of which the center element was fairness.”

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Biden: “Well, that’s been the essence of what we’ve been talking about from the beginning Charlie.  When we ran we talked about this being about the middle class.  Look, the bargains have been broken with the middle class and I know that Mr. Daniels, er Gov Daniels, and others have talked about class warfare or we’re picking people, but the bottom line is simple.  The middle class has been hammered, they’ve been hammered and we think we should be focusing on what’s fair is to give them a shot.  That’s where our focus on manufacturing, there’s good jobs there. They’re coming home.  That’s why we focused on education.  That’s part of the middle class dream that you can have a kid go on to college, go on to school after high school.  And that’s why we focused on the whole notion that we’re going to go out there and make sure middle class people get a fair shot…Without the middle class growing nothing happens good in this country.  Nothing happens that’s positive and they’ve not been growing.  They deserve a piece of the growth.”

Rose: “The essence of this speech was the military metaphor.  The President brought it up at the beginning, he brought it up at the end.  The military he said works together.  Does the administration also bear some responsibility for the paralysis in Washington in which two sides are not working together?”

Biden: “Look, Charlie, I don’t think so.  This President came in with open arms.  He said look I’m willing to talk to anybody.  I’m ready to sit down.  And by the way we did on major, major issues.  Sit down with Republican leadership and in fairness to them we made deals that we thought we could have, could have a deal.  I shook hands a couple of the leaders saying okay, we can do that and they’d call back and say, Joe I can’t deliver that.  I can’t get it done.  What happened was the election, 2010 elected a group of Republicans that are a minority but seem to be the tail that’s wagging the dog.  The President has reached out in every way…”

Biden’s response to the first question almost made me choke on my breakfast.  He made it sound like Obama and his administration were the champions of the middle class.  He talked about giving the middle class a ‘fair shot.’  The Obama administration hasn’t given the middle class a fair shot since they took office.  In the three years of the Obama reign, the middle class had been steadily shrinking and the poverty class has been increasing as has the wealthy class.  The middle class has been hit the hardest in jobs and foreclosures.

Biden was truthful when he said, “Without the middle class growing nothing happens good in this country.  Nothing happens that’s positive and they’ve not been growing.”  However it appears that the Obama administration doesn’t want the middle class to survive or experience a positive growth.  A truly socialist nation only has two classes, the wealthy elite and the rest which are generally living in poverty and this is exactly what Obama has been striving towards.

Biden’s response to Rose’s second question was absolutely delusional when he said that the Obama administration is not responsible for any of the paralysis in Washington.

Does Biden forget that Obama has announced on more than one occasion that he would not consider any action of the Republicans unless it contained the provisions that Obama proposed?

Does Biden also forget how many times Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that the Senate would not consider any bills that came from the House unless they contained the provisions that the Democrats insisted on?

Does Biden forget that the Republican House sent a dozen jobs bills to the Democratic Senate who rejected one and refused to even read the other eleven?

Does Biden forget that BOTH House Republicans and Senate Democrats publicly insisted on holding their ground on the payroll tax cut issue a couple months ago?

Biden must be completely blind and stubbornly ignorant of anything going on in Washington if he can honestly say that the Obama administration bore no responsibility for the paralysis in Washington.  And being that blind and stubborn, perhaps the Democratic Party should drop the jackass as their symbol and replace it with Biden, but then again, there’s really no difference, is there?

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