Bill Clinton Defends the Disgusting Actions of His Family’s Foundation

President Bill Clinton was on NBC’s Today Show Monday morning to defend his wife and the Clinton Foundation from charges of malfeasance. His appearance (instead of his wife who is campaigning for President) likely has to do with the fact that Americans generally like the former President, and while they would not trust him with their daughters… they want to believe he wasn’t trying to make money off of his wife’s job as Secretary of State.

The fact that he is the one defending the family on NBC may simply be due to the fact that Americans like him more than they like his wife.

Watch as he defends their decision to take foreign money, even while working for the State Department.

President Clinton: I don’t think there is anything sinister in trying to get wealthy people in countries which are seriously involved in development to spend their money wisely in a way that helps poor people, and lifts them up, I don’t think there is anything bad about it. I think it is good!

There has been a very deliberate attempt effort to take the Foundation down. And there are almost no new fact that is known now…

I don’t think I did anything that was against the interests of the U.S.

NBC’s Cynthia McFadden: Do you understand though, the perception itself is the problem. You don’t?

President Clinton: No. I don’t want to get into the weeds here. I’m not responsible for anybody else’s perception. I asked Hillary and she said that no one has ever tried to influence me by helping you. No one has even suggested they have a shred of evidence about that.

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Over at Fox News Charles Krauthammer is not buying the former President’s explanation of what happened. In fact, he thinks it’s just another case of “the Clintons being the Clintons” and thinking that their family is indeed above the law.

I love the phrase ‘knowingly inappropriate.’ Do you know any normal person who says that? I didn’t do anything ‘knowingly inappropriate.’ You say I didn’t do anything inappropriate. This is classic Clinton speech. Somebody ought to make a dictionary. We have a dictionary of Klingon; we ought to have a dictionary of Clintonism. This is how they parse, this is how they dodge.

And then he says there’s a limited attempt to take us down. No facts not known now that were not known in ’08? That’s absolutely untrue. The allegations are about what happened since ’08 when she was Secretary of State. I think you’re right. He’s rusty, very rusty.

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