Bill Maher Encouraging Riots if Obama Loses

Obama buddy Bill Maher had some words of caution for those who planned to vote for Romney. He said, “If you’re thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea:  black people know who you are and they will come after you.” He quickly clarified that it was only a joke. After all, it was part his “comedy” routine on Friday. It’s one of those jokes that isn’t funny mainly because it’s so true.

Obama supporters definitely don’t need any more encouragement to cause mayhem if Obama isn’t re-elected. Hundreds of tweets from Obama supporters on Friday alone were calling for riots if Romney wins on Tuesday. Here are a handful of examples, complete with misspellings and foul language:

  • If Obama doesn’t win, I will actually start a riot. This is not a joke.
  • If Romney win , me obama and 2 chainz going to start a riot and shoot his ass !
  • If Obama lose it’s going to be the biggest riot in history… Beacause, I’m going to start it!
  • I Swear If Romney Win Imma Start A Mothaf****n Riot

This kind of language is to be expected from those who are completely uneducated. All they know is violence. To us, this election has been about ideas and a debate over ideologies. To them, this election has been about who has more power. They will vote for whomever offers them more things for the least amount of work. As evidenced above, they will literally fight to keep that welfare spigot going.

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Not surprisingly, this kind of talk was not expressed by anyone supporting Romney. Romney supporters want Obama out of the White House because he’s been a complete disaster. His ideas might be more appropriate in a communistic third world country, because that’s what their people would be used to. But his ideas don’t work here.

America is too young for us to shift so quickly into a third world type dictatorship. We remember too recently what living in a free country was like, and we see it slipping away from us before our eyes. America has a relatively recent history of fighting against tyrannies. It’s in our blood to want to be free from a totalitarian government. Perhaps that’s in everyone’s blood, not just ours. But we have a greater opportunity now to fight against this tyranny than any other country in the world.

Bill Maher and Obama continue to egg on their supporters to riot and absolute mayhem as revenge for a Romney victory. There will be riots. Stay armed. It’ll be worse than any hypothetical zombie apocalypse.

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