Bill Maher Says GOP Sees Fast and Furious as 2 Black Men Selling Guns to Mexicans

One of the most vile and vitriolic people I have ever heard of is Bill Maher.  He is as opinionated as Rosie O’Donnell, ill-informed as Nancy Pelosi, unethical as Charlie Sheen and self-centered as Barack Obama.

Five years ago, I was working at Answers in Genesis when Bill Maher used deception to enter the staff offices and Ken Ham’s office without permission.  AiG had declined Maher’s request for an interview in the past.  So Maher used a film crew of a different name to gain access into the offices.  Then a member of the film crew distracted AiG staff and let Maher in through an employee only door and then into Ham’s office.  Once inside, he managed to mock the Bible, creationism and AiG.

A very sad commentary on the decline of America’s moral values and ethical standards, Maher actually hosts his own show, Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, though it should be no surprise since HBO also airs tons of pornography and perversion.

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Last Friday on his show, Maher’s guests were Rachel Maddow, a lesbian and radical liberal who considers herself an unbiased political commentator on MSNBC; Nick Gillespie, editor of and author of The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What’s Wrong with America; and Mort Zuckerman, editor-in-chief of US News & World Report.

The topic hit on Operation Fast and Furious and the recent contempt of Congress charge made against US Attorney General Eric Holder.

As you watch the video below, noticed how uninformed Bill Maher really is about Fast and Furious.  First he jokes about it and then says

“[House oversight committee Chairman] Darrell Issa says this is a giant scandal.  I’ve heard on Fox News this week it’s worse than Watergate because 200 Mexicans have died. First of all, let me just say Republicans don’t care about dead Mexicans, A. And B — I think those 200 dead Mexicans would be dead even if we hadn’t sold them guns. They would have gotten the guns somewhere else. So is it really a scandal?”

Then Rachel Maddow blindly defends her fellow Democrats and tries to twist the Congressional investigation around to make the GOP look stupid.  Here is how Maddow defines it,

“It is based on a crazy conspiracy theory that the Obama administration is fomenting gun violence in Mexico in order to make Americans anti-gun so they can rescind the Second Amendment.”

Then later on, Maher again demonstrates his complete lack of understanding by saying,

“It does seem like a political witch hunt.  It seems like what they [Republicans] want people to think…that Obama and Holder, two black guys are selling guns to the Mexicans.”

In case you missed the dialog at the end about party loyalty, here is what transpired between Maher, Maddow and Gillespie,

GILLESPIE: You will always take the side of the Democrat over a Republican.
MADDOW: No I won’t. You don’t even know me.
GILLESPIE: What’s an example — I’ve seen your show … So, what’s a Republican that you pick over a Democrat in an issue?
MAHER: That’s not a fair question. If there were Republicans — you could ask me the same question, I could answer that question twenty years ago but Republicans have changed. I haven’t changed. You would probably say the same thing. It is they who have changed, not us. Twenty years ago there were Republicans who absolutely were reasonable. They are an extinct species now.
GILLESPIE: But the important thing is that you’re not a partisan. This is my point.
MAHER: Yes. Both things can be true, absolutely.
GILLESPIE: You’re not partisan. But you will always be against the Republicans.
MAHER: Only if they continue to act like the party of the mental patients.
MADDOW: What are you mad about?
GILLESPIE: I’m not mad. All I am saying is I refuse to be put into a false choice of ‘you’re either with the Democrats or the Republicans.’ And that’s the way this conversation — this conversation has been framed as ‘aren’t the Republicans just doing this as a show trial, etc.?’ It’s like, whoa, ‘Well Eric Holder is bad, the Republicans are bad, the drug war is bad.’
MAHER: The drug war is bad and the Republicans are mental patients. I don’t know if Eric Holder is bad.

Maher is great about shooting his mouth off with his biased and bigoted opinions regardless if he knows what he’s talking about or not.  He seems to do little research into his subject matter and often does nothing more than regurgitate the rhetoric he has heard from others.  And to be honest, Rachel Maddow isn’t any better.

Maher and Maddow have a number of followers who hang on their every word.  I feel sorry for them as they are being so misguided by two flaming liberals that are so biased that can’t see truth if were lit up in neon signs in front of them.

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