Billionaire “Philanthropy” Is Really Misanthropy

Yesterday morning, CBS aired a bizarre valentine to the Rockefeller dynasty by “profiling” Eileen Rockefeller. When the feature touched on her so-called philanthropy, it revealed much that is wrong with the world.

“She spends much of her time on philanthropy; one of her current causes is fighting global warming. Many in her generation of Rockefellers are busy giving away chunks of that family fortune.”

The media thinks we should respect Eillen and her siblings because she is “giving away” her own money to promote a scam to raise the cost of living for the rest of us (i.e. carbon taxes).

People become billionaires by making the world a better place by offering people goods and services. But then the benefit is replaced by liability: they and their heirs use the profits to spread lies and lobby governments to oppress their people.

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Last year, Eileen’s “philanthropy” was put into a Hollywood propaganda campaign to raise the cost of living by making people use less efficient and more expensive sources of energy. These are expenses Eileen cannot even imagine concerning herself with. She is pushing to make the world a more impoverished place for the vast majority of people on the planet.

Her father’s main drive in life has been to reduce the number of people on the planet. He has lectured at the United Nations, recommending that organization get the nations to reduce the world population. Only a few years ago he met with others of his kind for this same reason:

“Described as the Good Club by one insider it included David Rockefeller Jr, the patriarch of America’s wealthiest dynasty, Warren Buffett and George Soros, the financiers, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and the media moguls Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey… They gathered at the home of Sir Paul Nurse, a British Nobel prize biochemist and president of the private Rockefeller University, in Manhattan on May 5. The informal afternoon session was so discreet that some of the billionaires’ aides were told they were at ‘security briefings.’ Stacy Palmer, editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, said the summit was unprecedented. ‘We only learnt about it afterwards, by accident. Normally these people are happy to talk good causes, but this is different – maybe because they don’t want to be seen as a global cabal,’ he said. Some details were emerging this weekend, however. The billionaires were each given 15 minutes to present their favourite cause. Over dinner they discussed how they might settle on an “umbrella cause” that could harness their interests. The issues debated included reforming the supervision of overseas aid spending to setting up rural schools and water systems in developing countries. Taking their cue from Gates they agreed that overpopulation was a priority.”

I doubt Gates had to work hard to convince David Rockefeller of the ultimate issue. As was pointed out in the Washington Times,

“In the 1950s, ‘one man proved pivotal’ in bringing the family planning movement together and orchestrating the campaign to change federal policy on this issue, and that was John D. Rockefeller III, grandson of the oil tycoon, Donald T. Critchlow wrote in his authoritative history of U.S. family planning, ‘Intended Consequences, Birth Control, Abortion and the Federal Government in Modern America.”

From John D. Rockefeller to David Rockefeller to his daughter Eileen, the dynasty has pursued a single agenda against science and truth. Happily for Eileen, the family never practiced the behavior they want to mandate for others: She is the youngest of six children.

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