Billionaires Plan to Survive the Apocalypse and Leave the Rest of Us Behind

Rush Limbaugh offered his analysis of an article by Douglas Rushkoff who describes who describes a meeting with “five super-wealthy guys … from the upper echelon of the hedge fund world” who had questions about the future unrelated to the topic of one of the speakers. You can read Rush’s analysis here and the original article here.

What caught my attention was this paragraph:

The CEO of a brokerage house explained that he had nearly completed building his own underground bunker system and asked: “How do I maintain authority over my security force after,” this climate collapse? His concern was, okay, he’s got a bunker, he’s gonna put his family in there and he’s gonna have a security force. He wanted to know how he maintains authority over them. In abject panic, with every man out for himself, how does he maintain the boss relationship? And they wanted to know how are they gonna pay these servants if there isn’t any money? Because they all think a full-fledged economic collapse is coming, along with the climate collapse that’s gonna cause the end of the earth. And they’re serious!

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These guys discussed for an hour, not the likelihood, but the guarantee that humanity, being human is going to destroy the earth.

“They knew armed guards would be required to protect their compounds from the angry mobs. But how would they pay the guards once money was worthless? What would stop the guards from choosing their own leader? The billionaires considered using special combination locks on the food supply that only they knew. Or making guards wear disciplinary collars of some kind in return for their survival.” Meaning, if a guard or employee went off the reservation, the boss could zap ’em with the disciplinary collar and bring ’em back. “Or maybe building robots to serve as guards and workers – if that technology could be developed in time. ”

With all their billions, instead of using their great wealth to help fix some of the things that are wrong with the world, their ultimate goal is to save themselves from whatever comes. At the same time, they are wielding great influence by supporting a political party that is all about social disruption…


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