Black and White: Who’s Killing Whom?

Ever since George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin a month ago, it seems that everyone is talking about racial crimes.  Every time a non-black commits a violent crime against a black person, certain black activists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson crawl out from the cracks like cockroaches when the lights go out.  They do their best to make everything into a racial hate crime, whether it was or not.

So I thought it was about time we take a look at racial crimes and see just who is committing the crimes against whom.

According to a study conducted by the Scripps Howard News Service, white on black killings rose from 3% thirty years ago to 4% today.  Black on white killings rose from 6% thirty years ago to 8% today.  In other words, there are twice as many black on white killings as there are white on black killings.

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On our local news last night, they reported white on black crimes in Ohio are running at 3.2% while black on white crimes are more than double, running at 8.2%.  Worse yet were the black on black crimes, which had state and local officials alarmed.  They never said exactly what the black on black rate was but indicated that it was significantly higher than the white on black and black on white figures combined.

With state and national statistics showing that black on white crimes are twice that of white on black, where are the racial activists screaming hate crimes?  Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson when a black person kills a white person?  If they were honest and sincere about wanting to stop racially motivated hate crimes, they should be fair and make the same accusations when the color is on the other side of the gun.

If they don’t think many black on white crimes are racially motivated, they need to think again.  A former job of mine would take me into a predominately black area of a large metropolitan city.  I was threatened by blacks of all ages and sexes.  I’ll never forget the day a black preschooler came up to me and called me an f’n honky and then told me to get my white ass out of his neighborhood.

So my advice to black activists like Sharpton and Jackson is to start with their own house, clean it up first before they try to start cleaning up the houses of others.  They need to spend more time working with blacks, especially those in major cities, start changing their racist attitudes and then maybe they’ll see a difference in the rest of American society.

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