Black Democrats Are the Real Racists

Have you ever stopped and taken a good look at who keeps racism in the news?  Who is it that is constantly accusing others of being racist?  Who are the ones that make most of the actual racist comments?


More precisely, BLACK Democrats!

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Let’s start with a short list which includes Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Jamie Foxx.  They are the ones pouring gasoline on the fires of racial hatred and then pointing their fingers at white Republicans as being the guilty parties.

Whenever a black American stands up for conservative values or for the Republican Party, it’s the black Democrats that start the racial name calling like referring to them as Uncle Toms or an Oreo.  They can’t stand it when one of their own color steps away from the racial hatred and bigotry to embrace a more conservative and non-racist lifestyle.

During the presidential election this year, we heard a lot of racial name calling and it all came from Democrats.  Joe Biden used race when he stated that the Republicans wanted to put the blacks back in chains.  Biden does not know true history, nor do many blacks, but it was black Africans who were putting other black Africans in chains to sell to the slave traders to begin with.  Whites just bought what the blacks had already chained and enslaved.  If they want to point fingers, they need to start with their fellow blacks.

Case in point about the racial hatred that spews from black Democrats are the comments made by Rob Parker on ESPN concerning NFL Quarterback Robert Griffin III:

If Democrats, especially black Democrats, really want to end racism in America, they need to stop complaining about it and stop making racist accusations.  Instead they need to put that energy into actually solving the other issues that are hurting our culture.  If everyone stopped harping on racism, before long it wouldn’t be such a big issue.  But they don’t want it to end.  People like Sharpton and Jackson make their living by keeping racial hatred alive.  To end racial hatred in America would be to put them out of work and then where would they be?

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