Black Journalist Has Her Racial Abortion Logic All Screwed Up

Nancy Giles is a black American who starred in the television shows, China Beach and Delta.  She now serves as a writer and contributor to the CBS News Sunday Morning program.  Giles fits in with the rest of the CBS crew since she is another liberal who also likes to use the race card whenever it is convenient.

However, sometimes she uses that race card just to use it and without really thinking about what she is saying.  In the clip below, she throws in her jabs at whites and in so doing, says one of the dumbest and backwards things I’ve heard since listening to Joe Biden.

Giles tells her colleagues on the air that whites are trying to eliminate abortions to build up the race – referring to the white race.  Listen for yourself at her racist comments:

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If whites were trying to build up the white race (I believe we are all one race with just different amounts of pigment in our skin), then they would be all for abortion.  There are far more black babies being murdered by their black mothers than there are white or other ethnic groups.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, abortions among whites average around 14 per 1,000 white women and abortions among blacks average around 48-50 per 1,000 black women.  If it was a matter of trying to decrease blacks and increase whites, Giles argument is completely backwards.  Evidently her racial bigotry is so great that she doesn’t comprehend what is going on or what she is saying.

Sadly, this is typical of so many people that try to make race an issue when it shouldn’t be.  And even sadder is that Obama and his administration have only been adding fuel to the racial fires instead of working to put them out.  I’ve never been a huge Martin Luther King Jr. fan, but he did accomplish a lot to put out those racial fires that had been burning for centuries.  If he were still alive, I would expect him to stand against Obama and the racial divisiveness that he has promoted and continues to promote.


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