Black Kids Video Themselves Bullying 3 Yr Old White Girl Then Post Video On Facebook

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson need to get their sorry butts to Minneapolis now because of an atrocious racial attack.  They won’t need to make up anything about racism because it’s all caught on video and then posted on Facebook with a racist title.  It was 4 against one, the victim was younger than her attackers and completely defenseless.

So why are Sharpton and Jackson so silent about this hateful racist attack?  Could it be because the victim was a white girl and the attackers were black?

The video, taken by 12 year old Ray Wright, a black kid, shows the 3 year old white girl on her Hot Wheels in the middle of the road.  There are two black girls in front her.  They are at least twice her age and they are yelling at her and calling her ugly.  The two black girls then grab the 3 year old’s hands and start hitting her in the face with her own hands and asking her why she’s hitting herself.  The 3 year old starts crying and Wright yells at her to shut up.  Another black boy, slightly younger than Wright, comes into the scene and you can hear him say:

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“Watch me beat up this little kid.”

The video goes on to show the 3 year old standing on a lawn with something in her hand.  The two black girls turn their attention back to the 3 year old and one of them can be heard telling the other one:

“Hit her hard. Hit her in the head like this.”

The one black girl responds by hitting the 3 year old in the head.  Then one of the girls take an object the 3 year old is holding from her and Wright tells her to throw it on the ground and she does.

When it was all over, Wright posted the video on his Facebook page with the following:

“When white people piss black people off.”

After the posting of the video, Wright began receiving unpleasant responses from other viewers.  He got into verbal confrontation with one person who Wright accused of being a snitch. Before long, Wright and the accused snitch were threatening to kill each other or to send someone over to do it.  Eventually, Wright’s Facebook account was shut down, but the damage was done.

First I want to know what a 3 year old is doing riding her Hot Wheels in a street without parental supervision.  That in itself is negligence and child endangerment.  Had the parent or whoever was looking after the 3 year old been present, none of the bullying and torment would have happened.

But happen it did and it is a clear example of what kids are being taught these days.  Who taught these black kids to hate white people?  I contend that it starts at home with mom and dad.  Kids learn from their parents and then from other kids who learned it from their parents.

Wright’s mom, Ranika Wills, defended her son and the actions of the other black kids.  Responding to the negative reactions her son was getting, she commented:

“It’s not like they f***** that little girl up.  She’s fine.”

“It’s a joke, he’s just a kid.”

“What I seen was two little girls hitting her.  That’s just what little girls do.”

“I dealt with the kids.  But kids fight. Know that.”

I wonder if she would have had the same attitude had it been 4 older white kids picking on her little black girl?  I bet Wills would have been the first person hollering racism and hate crime.  But since it’s black kids tormenting a white girl, it’s just kids being kids according to her.

Some years back I worked as an electric meter reader for a utility in the greater Phoenix area.  One of the routes that I had took me into a very black community in south Phoenix.  I always felt uneasy and often heard comments about the whitey or honky.  One day, a boy that could not have been any older than 3 years of age, came up to me and called me a ‘M F honky’ and told me that I had better get my sorry white ass out of his hood.  Two adults, I assumed were his parents, were sitting on lawn chairs in the front yard, laughing at the racial profanity coming out of the mouth of the toddler.  I knew right away where he had learned it from.

Yet, Sharpton, Jackson and others remain silent when things like this happen, and then they wonder when a white kid reacts and attacks a black kid.  I have said it all my life, but if blacks truly want to end racism and racial prejudice and hatefulness, it needs to start in their own homes and communities.  They have to change their attitudes before they can expect others to change theirs.

It’s just like a marriage relationship.  If one partner is constantly trying to get the other one to change their behavior and attitudes, they first have to start with themselves.  If not, it will only result in tension, anger and divorce.  When it comes to racism, those hollering the loudest have to be the first ones to change themselves. Then and only then will they be able to influence others and end racial hatred.  But as long as they keep hollering and pointing the fingers at others, things will only get worse.  If Sharpton and Jackson really want to make a difference, they also need to start condemning actions like those caught on the video and calling it what it is – racism and prejudice.  Once they show that it’s a two way street, perhaps traffic will start to flow better, tensions will ease and racial attitudes will go the way of the dodo bird and 32¢ per gallon gasoline.

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