Black Lives Lost Are Their Own Fault

As more news stories about blacks being killed or dying in police custody are reported I can’t help but notice that they all have one thing in common – the black person refused to comply with police orders. For some mystifying reason, none of the black activists that are protesting and demanding justice seem to understand that the fault lies with the black person, not with law enforcement.

Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri was shot and killed by Police Officer Darren Wilson because Brown refused to comply with police orders. Instead of standing down as ordered, Brown physically attacked Wilson while the officer was still in his police car. Brown’s assault resulted in a shattered eye socket for Officer Wilson before Wilson fired his gun. Had Brown complied with Wilson’s orders, he would still be alive today.

Freddie Grey was ordered to stop resisting arrest, but the huge black man continued to struggle with officers. He refused to comply and allow them to place him in hand cuffs. If Grey had continued to act inside the police wagon as he did outside, then he may have contributed to the circumstances that led to his death. Quite possibly had he complied in the first place, he would still be alive today.

John Crawford III was waving a realistic looking air rifle around in a Walmart store in Dayton, Ohio. The police officers responding to the scene twice ordered Crawford to put the gun down, but the black teen continued to wave the rifle around and when he pointed it towards the officers, they shot and killed him. The teen’s actions were so terrifying to shoppers in the store that one woman died of a heart attack as she ran from the store. Had Crawford complied with the police, he would still be alive today and so would the woman.

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Sandra Bland’s death is raising all kinds of questions. I agree that Officer Brian Encinia was overly aggressive towards her but it was all prompted by Bland’s belligerence and refusal to comply with his initial requests during the traffic stop. It doesn’t help her case that the autopsy revealed that she was high on marijuana. Had Bland complied with Encinia’s request, chances are she would not have been arrested, not been in jail and might still be alive today.

Samuel Dubois was recently shot and killed by University of Cincinnati Officer Eric Wiebel. Currently, there are conflicting reports of the exact circumstances that led to Dubois’ death, but all of the various reports have a common starting point – Dubois failed to comply with Officer Wiebel’s orders.

These are just a few of the incidents that have plagued the news over the past couple of years and fueled black racist activists like Al Sharpton. In all of these cases, the law enforcement officer is made out to be the bad guy, the criminal who intentionally murdered a black person for purely racial reasons.

But they fail to see the underlying truth behind all of these cases in that every one of the black victims refused to cooperate with law enforcement in the first place. Some of the victims acted like they didn’t have to comply with the police because they were black which in my opinion is racist attitude. All of the blacks protesting are racist because all they see is color and not facts.

Ever since Barack Obama moved into the White House, the racial issue in America has gotten worse. Blacks believe that they are immune to having to live by the laws of the land, following the example set before them by Obama and his administration. If he can disobey the laws, Congress and the courts, then why shouldn’t every other black in America also be able to?

Yet, they are dead set on persecuting every non-black person that says, does or even looks at them in any way they perceive to be racist, even if the blacks are the ones to initiate it.

If they want equality and justice, then it needs to start with them and their attitudes. They need to open their eyes and minds to see and hear the facts, something they have been blind and deaf to so far.

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