Black Mob Violence: Obama and Media Silent — Why?

On January 20, 2009, America officially swore in its first black president.  I must note here that Obama’s mother was Caucasian, so at the most, he is only half black, even though he appears to be all black.  He was elected not for his political views or promises.  He was elected because a large number of ethnic people in our country wanted a black president.

During the 2008 campaign and shortly thereafter, a number of civil rights activists said that having a black president would be a huge step forward in reducing racial discrimination in our country.  Blacks thought that under Obama’s leadership, they would receive more recognition, respect and jobs.  They would have better chances with social programs and more of them would be able to improve their lives and climb out of the inner city crime and drug ridden slums.

However, the opposite seems to be true.  As Obama rose to power, the economy and job markets tanked, dashing the hopes of many blacks and other Americans.  At the same time, the dreams of positive strides towards racial equality and harmony turned into nightmares.

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The number of incidents of black violence against whites began to rise.  By 2012, the number of incidents of black mob violence against whites had reached epidemic levels.  For some reason, when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, black violence against whites took a dramatic increase.  What didn’t make sense is that Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white, but that didn’t make any difference to the rising number of black mobs.

This year, WND reports that the amount of black mob violence against whites has increased even more this year.  The Memorial Day weekend saw large mobs of blacks attacking whites at random in Jacksonville, Rochester, West Bloomfield, Baltimore and Miami Beach.  A number of other cities and neighborhoods around the country have also seen a drastic rise in the amount of black mob violence, often targeting whites and their businesses.

Witnesses at the Jacksonville Beach black mob violence described it as being similar to the violence that was shown in the documentary White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.  Not only were there eyewitness reports, but some of the mob violence was caught on video.  Yet, the Jacksonville police reported that there were only a few fights and nothing more.  Despite the evidence, no arrests were made.

The local news only reported that some incidents had happened at the beach and that the police were still investigating.  That prompted a number of people who witnessed the violence to post comments on the news website.  Several of them read:

“Kinda hard not to be racist when it was all black people. 30 plus black people !!! Looks like the northside invaded jax beach to me.”

“The local rag paper & website, reported on ONE intersection being closed for a vegetable oil spill, but did NOT cover this event, which closed MANY streets in the Jax Bch area.  Very sad how they…the media…is afraid to report the truth, lest the NAACP and Jesse Jackson start yelling & wailing ‘racism.’”

Another commenter described how the black mob stopped near his house on the way to Neptune Beach.  They were breaking into cars and causing other mayhem.  Then he wrote:

“A couple of these animals tried to break into some cars in front of my house in Neptune Beach after the fight was broken up.  They nearly shat their pants when I walked out onto my porch with my AR-15.”

What really troubles me is that police, media and the Obama administration have been relatively silent on the epidemic of out of control black mob violence.  If one white person attacks a black person, we instantly hear that it is a racial hate crime.  People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Sr. rush in to help the community lynch the guilty white person.  But let a mob of 30-300 blacks start attacking white people on the streets and beaches of America and its hushed up and swept under the rug.  There is no talk of it being racially motivated or a hate crime.  As a matter of fact, there’s no talk about the attacks at all.

In some areas of the country, the racial tensions are running nearly as high as they were as back in the days of segregation.  It may not take much for some of these communities and people to say enough is enough.  When that happens, the streets are going to run red with the blood of blacks and whites.  Racial hatred and warfare could launch America into one of its bloodiest times in history.  The government, media and law enforcement will no longer be able to ignore and hide the violence and bloodshed.  But I wonder on what side they will be?  Who will get arrested and who will walk away, exonerated by a black administration?

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