Black Mobs Attacking Whites in Cincinnati Just for the Fun of it

Last weekend, Cincinnati held its annual food festival knows as the Taste of Cincinnati. This year they had over 200 different food vendors filling the streets with a wide variety of tastes and smells. City officials estimated that over 550,000 people attended the three day event, helping the city’s economy.

For the most part, the Taste of Cincinnati had few problems, but the crowds did bring trouble makers to parts of the city near the festival. In these cases, mobs of black teenagers attacked white people.

The first reported attack was near a bus stop. The aftermath of the attack was captured on video by a metro bus. Jon Deters, son of the Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. He was helping his girlfriend get her car out of a parking lot when a group of 12-20 black teens attacked him, hitting him, knocking him to the ground and kicking him before running away.

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In another attack, David Manz was walking to a bus stop to go to his night job at a Dunkin Donuts when he saw a group of about 20 black teenage girls run towards him. They laughed as they began hitting and kicking him before running away. Manz suffered bruises, scrapes and several broken ribs. He had to be placed on a breathing machine for a short time to help prevent pneumonia from setting in.

Even though the attacks are committed by blacks against white victims, no one with the Cincinnati police have dared mention anything about the attacks being labeled hate crimes. I don’t know if having a black police chief has anything to do with it or is it just an accepted part of the black culture under the leadership of President Barack Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder who refuse to take any legal action about the rampant black mob violence.

However, if roles were reversed and it was groups of whites attacking blacks, I’m sure everyone would be hollering hate crimes. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NBA would all be descending on Cincinnati ready to lynch every group of white teens in the area. I wonder if that would change if we got a President and Attorney General who actually lived by and enforced the laws of this country?

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