Black Mom Rants against Black Lives Matter Hypocrisy

Earlier this month I wrote that Black Lives Matter activists really don’t care about black lives as much as they just want to vent their racial hatred towards white law enforcement officers. I pointed out that every one of the blacks that died at the hands of police and are being protested for, were killed because of their own actions. All of them refused to comply with police orders and some of them physically resisted arrest which resulted in their death.

The overwhelming majority of murdered blacks were killed by other blacks. Blacks are beating, robbing, sexually assaulting, raping, stabbing and shooting each other at an alarming rate. If black lives truly matter, then why aren’t black activists up in arms and protesting over black on black violence?

It’s been just over a year since the death of the teen thug Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Ferguson and the St. Louis area remain the hub of racial protests and violence. The black community ignored the overwhelming facts that Michael Brown was a thief, bully and that he physically assaulted former Officer Darren Wilson. Eyewitnesses, some of which were black, testified that they saw Brown hitting Wilson before he could ever exit his patrol car. Medical reports verified that Wilson suffered a fractured eye socket from the blows struck by Brown.

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Yet, the black activists treat Brown as an innocent victim and Wilson as a racist murderer. Racial tensions are still running high in Ferguson and the St. Louis area as most blacks are still angry, fueled by their own racist hatred. Whenever they speak out, it’s in anger and protest against police.

However, one St. Louis resident has had enough of the misplaced rhetoric being spewed out by Black Lives Matter activists, and that resident is black. Peggy Hubbard, a former Navy officer, is sick and tired of listening to the hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter activists. After the activists protested the death of a black who resisted arrested and shot at police first, yet ignored the death of a 9 year old black girl killed by a stray bullet, she posted a video in which she exposes them for what they are.

Be warned that the video contains profanity, yet is well worth watching because of what Hubbard says, the points she makes and the charges she makes against the Black Lives Matters activists.

It’s about time someone in the black community has the courage to stand up and speak the truth about the racial hypocrisy of the black activists who are giving the entire black community a bad name. If these activists are serious about black lives, then let’s see them start working within the black neighborhoods around the nation to curb the black on black violence. Until they do that, then they are only demonstrating that black lives don’t matter and they’re nothing more than angry racists.

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