Black Pastor Disinvited From Speaking At Black College For Criticizing Obama

Liberals hate black conservatives. You’re not a real person of color unless you’ve embraced liberalism to the fullest extent and rest upon Obama alone for your salvation.

In Reverend Kevin Johnson’s case, he’s not even a conservative. He’s still an Obama supporter, and yet, he gets treated as if he’s betrayed his own people. All because he thinks the half-black President is less than perfect.

Reverend Kevin Johnson was slated to give the baccalaureate speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta on May 18th. Reverend Johnson graduated from Morehouse and now lives in Philadelphia and is the senior pastor at Bright Hope Baptist Church.

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Last month, Johnson wrote an editorial entitled, “A President for Everyone, Except Black People” that criticized Obama for not helping the black community:

 “To my disappointment, the president has not only failed the Black community, but also has failed to surround himself with qualified African-Americans who could develop policies to help the most disenfranchised.”

 He also raised the issue of “persistent high unemployment in the Black community and the lack of appointing an African-American to the United States Supreme Court (a move that could have real and lasting impact on the future of our community)…”

He raised poignant questions that we all can resonate with:

  • Why are we so loyal to a president who is not loyal to us?
  • What is it about our community that we continue to support candidates nationally and locally just because their skin has been “kissed by nature’s sun”?
  • And more importantly, why are we loyal to a Democratic Party that often ignores us and takes our votes for granted?

Those are good questions even from our perspective, but none of his objections indicate that he’s left the “liberal plantation.” His gripe is mainly that a president who posited himself as a sort of savior for the black community hasn’t really done anything to help the blacks at all. In fact, he’s only harmed them.

But that was all it took for the Morehouse College president to give Reverend Johnson a call and let him know that because of his “untimely” criticism of President Obama, he needed to step down from his speaker slot. Johnson refused, and he was eventually replaced by three alternate speakers.

And President Obama is slated to give the commencement address the day after Johnson was scheduled to speak. That’s why Johnson was told to stay home. You can’t have any speaker in such close proximity to the President criticizing the President. That might offend Obama and make Morehouse look bad.

But it turns out that Johnson’s disinvitation is making Morehouse and its president look bad. A group of two dozen pastors around the country are demanding that the Morehouse president John Wilson, Jr. re-invite Johnson. One San Francisco senior pastor wrote:

 “If President Wilson turns his back on one of our most distinguished alums because of an exercise of free speech and political commentary, he will have set Morehouse on a dangerous course and departed from the great tradition bequeathed to us. In 1947, [Morehouse graduate] Dr. King warned that, ‘If we are not careful, our colleges will produce a group of close-minded, unscientific, illogical propagandists, consumed with immoral acts. Be careful, brethren! Be careful, teachers!’ We are potentially witnessing the realization of King’s greatest fears.”

 If you’re black, you’d better place your full and complete support behind the black President. Otherwise, you won’t be given a voice.

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