Black Principal Loses Lawsuit for Racially Targeting White Teacher

I really hate to say this but some of the most racist people I know of are blacks and Hispanics. Some of them honestly believe that because they are black or Hispanic that they have the right to racially harass and discriminate whites. The best example of this is Al Sharpton who never met a white person he didn’t hate.

Another example of this black racist attitude was displayed by Largo High School principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus. In 2003, she was a physical education teacher. Also in 2003 is when Jon Everhart was hired to teach English at the Prince George County high school in Maryland.

During Everhart’s time at Largo High School, he was teaching honors English to juniors and seniors. He received excellent evaluations and was named Teacher of the Year. However that didn’t matter to Simpson-Marcus who told Everhart that if she ever became principal of the high school that he would be the first teacher she fired.

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Why? Because he is white and she is black.

Everhart filed a union grievance against Simpson-Marcus for her racial remarks and discrimination, but nothing was ever done about them.

Then Simpson-Marcus did become principal and immediately started her racial discrimination attacks on Everhart. She pulled him from teaching the honors English classes and assigned him to freshman English. She also referred to him as ‘poor white trash’ and a ‘white b—–.’ According to Everhart, Simpson-Marcus told students at the high school:

“[The] only reason a white teacher teaches in [Prince George’s] County is that they can’t get a job elsewhere.”

Under Simpson-Marcus, Everhart’s evaluations went from excellent to poor. He requested a transfer to other schools, but was denied. Eventually she kept her promise and fired Everhart for supposedly poor performance which resulted in his teaching certificate being revoked.

Everhart responded by filing a $5 million lawsuit against Simpson-Marcus and the school board, claiming that he was racially discriminated against because he was white. There was enough evidence to persuade a jury in the US District Court for the District of Maryland to find he had been discriminated against. However, the jury only awarded Everhart $350,000 for compensatory damages for his high blood pressure and heart problems that developed while teaching under Simpson-Marcus.

For reasons I don’t understand, the jury disagreed with Everhart’s claim that he was forced to teach in a hostile work environment. If that wasn’t hostile, then what is?

The only thing left for the court is for Judge Peter J. Messitte to rule on how much Everhart will receive in back pay and benefits. The school district was also given 30 days to show just cause why Everhart should not get his teaching certificate reinstated along with his retirement and health benefits.

Ever since Barack Obama was voted into office and Eric Holder became Attorney General, there has been a huge increase in racial discrimination against whites. Holder has refused to prosecute a number of cases of black discrimination of whites, but is quick to prosecute trumped up charges of white discrimination of blacks. I’m actually surprised that Holder allowed the case filed by Everhart to make it to court, let alone allow a jury to rule against a black woman. I guess there’s still some justice in the land after all.

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