Black Tea Party Member Attacks Obama’s Hypocrisy

Kevin Jackson is someone whom the president and fellow Democrats wished didn’t exist.  Jackson is black and a member of the Tea Party where he serves as a spokesman for

After the president’s State of the Union message, Jackson took offense to what Obama said to the nation.  He claims the president is rife with liberal hypocrisy.

Jackson points out that Obama wants the wealthy to pay more in taxes because of the financial problems facing the nation.  Yet at the same time the president takes half a dozen or so vacations a year, taking not only his wife and daughters, but other family members and friends all at taxpayer expense.  The president also wastes taxpayer money by hosting lavish parties at the White House, some of which have nothing to do with politics.

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He also points out that Obama criticizes Romney, who only paid about 15% in taxes.  What Obama failed to note is that Romney reported $20 million in income and then gave $3 million (15% away to charity – mostly to the Mormon Church) where Obama, prior to his election only gave 1% to charity.

One hypocrisy that Jackson did not point out was Obama’s use of Warren Buffet’s secretary, in the State of the Union address.  She sat in the First Lady’s box and Obama used her to point out that wealthy individuals like Buffet, should be paying the same tax rates as working people, like his secretary.  After the SOTU was over, it was learned that in fact Buffet had paid the same tax rate as his secretary had, and it wasn’t the 30% figure Obama was advocating.

I find it interesting that a number of wealthy individuals have supported the President’s proposal to have the wealthy pay more in taxes.  If they are in favor of it, then why aren’t they doing it?  Why don’t they instruct their accountants to forget about all of the loopholes and deductions that allow them to pay lower rates of taxes?  There’s no law that says you have to use them or that you can’t pay the IRS more than you owe.

Jackson also forgot to mention Obama’s hypocrisy when he called for more jobs while at the same time refusing to approve the Keystone XL pipeline which would have created a minimum of 10,000 jobs or the Pentagon contract that was awarded to a Brazilian company, sending about 1,400 jobs south of the border.

Mr. Jackson, I whole heartedly agree with what you said but believe that you fell way short of exposing more of Obama’s hypocrisies than what you mentioned.  Of course if one was to compile a full list of them, it would probably fill volumes.

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