Black Unemployment To Rise Under Proposed Immigration Reform Bill

A number of reports have come out indicating that the proposed senate immigration reform bill would hurt the American job market.  Several weeks ago, I wrote that it could add up to 1 million immigrant workers to the American job market every year and not all of those jobs are farming or construction.  A number of skilled immigrants would be allowed to come and take jobs away from American citizens.

A further analysis shows that the bill would grant a multi-stage path to amnesty for over 11 million illegals.  It would also open the doors to 4.7 million people who have already applied for visas but have been waiting months and even years.  Then add in the 1 million immigrant workers per year that would be allowed into the country to work.  So at a time when we still have millions of Americans needing jobs, the federal government wants to add an initial influx of 16.7 million more people into the job market.

There are others that are growing concerned about how the immigration reform bill will affect jobs.  The African American Leadership Council (AALC), a group of black leaders has spoken out against the immigration reform bill and the efforts being made by a Washington DC progressive group to exclude them in talks concerning the measure.

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Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights President Wade Henderson attacked the group of black leaders in a statement that read:

“Divisive and baseless rhetoric has no place in a serious national conversation about immigration reform.”

Vernon Robinson, a member of the AALC, and former Air Force officer and former councilman from Winston-Salem, replied to Henderson’s statement, saying:

“Talk to 20 black folks who are not paid by the left … and you will find that brother Henderson is on the wrong side of an 80/20 [polling] issue.”

Frank Morris, a progressive and former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus also responded to Henderson’s statement, saying:

“The elite leadership is not the same as the black grassroots.”

Kevin Martin, a member of Project 21 also responded to Henderson with possibly the best retort of all, saying:

“A political Judas will say anything in D.C. … they’re for their 30 pieces of silver and at the end of the day they’ve betrayed our community.”

Their concerns are based upon the high unemployment rates among the black sector.  On a national average, the unemployment rate for blacks is double that of whites.  In some areas of the nation, the black unemployment rates are more than triple that of whites.

Many of the black leaders see the immigration reform bill as nothing more than a further hindrance to the already daunting task of blacks finding jobs.  If the immigration reform bill passes and the government allows over 16 million immigrants to join an already depressed job market, black unemployment will most likely rise even higher than it is now and that’s what the black leaders are concerned about.

The immigration reform bill will also hurt employment chances for every sector of American workers.  Unemployment rates will rise across the board for all ethnic groups.  The current immigration reform bill is a really bad piece of legislation and it seems that more and more people are starting to realize it.

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