Blacks Disappointed with Obama Wonder if Supporting Clinton Worth It

Regardless of the fact that Barack Obama is half white, the only real reason he was elected to the White House in 2008 and 2012 is because he appears to be all black. Millions of blacks in America voted for him solely because of the color of his skin and his promises to make their lives better.

Six years later, blacks have not seen the positive changes they expected. Unemployment, crime, unwed pregnancy and drug abuse still run rampant in many black communities. If anything, the problems seem to be getting worse, not better.

This lack of change is causing many blacks to wonder why they ever voted for Obama and question whether or not it will be worthwhile to support Hillary Clinton. Regenia Motley, a 23 year old grocery clerk in Jacksonville, Florida is an example of a disappointed Obama fan. Her neighborhood in Jacksonville is still full of abandoned homes and empty lots. The same is true to neighborhoods all over the country.

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Motley recently told the media:

“What was the point? We made history, but I don’t see change.”

Motley’s disappointment has her wondering if it’s even worth voting in the next presidential election and she’s not alone.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has already made it known that she wants to tie in with the multi-ethnic voters that elected Obama. Just as Obama campaigned to them as wanting to be the first black president, Hillary is hoping to capitalize on wanting to be the first female president, hoping the same voters will be just as stupid as they were in voting in Obama.

However, there are indications already surfacing around the country that Clinton’s numbers have been declining. Some blame it on the scandals like Benghazi and her email, yet others indicate that she is losing support among ethnic groups like blacks. So many of them have become so disillusioned by Obama’s failure to improve their lives that they are mistrusting anyone promising more of the same or promising change of any kind. It appears that a growing number are prepared to not vote in 2016 because they’ve given up hope on Obama’s failed leadership and broken promises.

Even those looking at the issues in places like Jacksonville are doubting Clinton’s ability to help them. Rev. Lee Harris, Pastor of Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church shared that concern, saying:

“She is focusing on exactly the right issues, but here in Jacksonville, the issues won’t be enough.”

The bottom line is that this could bode well for whoever gets the GOP nomination for the White House. Fewer blacks and Hispanics voting will mean fewer votes for Democrats in general. It’s a sign that Republicans need to use to their advantage by showing how the Democratic Party has failed to help so many of them. However, they also need to be prepared to do something to make changes because it could all backfire on them in 2018 and 2020.

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