Blame the Drugs – Not the Guns

Our society doesn’t want to blame people like Adam Lanza for their actions; they would rather blame the guns he used as if the guns made him do it.  However, one expert is pointing the finger at another very probable cause for Lanza’s actions and others like him.

Dr, David Healy, founder of, spends much of his time researching and reporting on prescription drugs.  In his research, Healy has found that nearly 90% of the school and other mass shootings in the past couple decades, were carried out by someone who was taking some form of psychotic drugs or anti-depressant.  These drugs are known to alter a person’s personality and can make them become violent.

It has been reported that Lanza was taking prescription drugs for a personality disorder, but what drugs he was taking has not been released yet.  If shown that he was taking drugs that fit into the category Healy is referring to, then it is very possible that they may be partially to blame for his actions.  Healy also says that we should not be comfortable with knowing that 90% of school shootings involved these personality altering drugs.

So where is the outcry on Capitol Hill or the media for a ban or study on these drugs that seem to be driving people to such violent behavior?  Other than Dr. Healy, I’ve seen no one else point a finger in the direction of the drugs.  They would rather keep pointing at guns and use these tragedies to further their agenda to disarm the American people.

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