Blood of San Bernardino Victims on Obama’s Hands

Within minutes of the nation hearing about another mass shooting in San Bernardino, Barack Obama began his anti-Second Amendment rhetoric, blaming guns, not the people. It didn’t take long for investigators to learn that the shootings weren’t just a work place random shooting, but it was an act of terrorism and the AK-47 used in the attack was purchased by a neighbor, who is being charged for providing the weapons used.

Investigators say they are surprised to learn that Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik are not just Islamic extremists, but they have been so for a number of years. In fact, Malik was an active member of a Pakistani terrorist group long before she was thoroughly vetted by US officials and allowed into the US.

Philip Haney, known as a DHS whistleblower, blames the Obama administration for deliberately restricting the vetting of Islamists like Malik. In a special report published by The Hill, Haney wrote:

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“There are terrorists in our midst and they arrived here using legal means right under the noses of the federal law enforcement agencies whose mission is to stop them. That is not due to malfeasance or lack of effort on the part of these officers; it is due to the restrictions placed on them by the Obama administration.

I was a firsthand witness to how these policies deliberately prevented scrutiny of Islamist groups. The two San Bernardino jihadists, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, may have benefited from the administration’s closure of an investigation I initiated on numerous groups infiltrating radicalized individuals into this country.

While working for the Department of Homeland Security for 13 years, I identified individuals affiliated with large, but less well-known groups such as Tablighi Jamaat and the larger Deobandi movement freely transiting the United States.  At the National Targeting Center, one of the premier organizations formed to ‘connect the dots,’ I played a major role in an investigation into this trans-national Islamist network. We created records of individuals, mosques, Islamic Centers and schools across the United States that were involved in this radicalization effort. The Dar Al Uloom Al Islamiyah Mosque in San Bernardino was affiliated with this network and we had identified a member of it in our investigation.  Farook frequented that mosque and was well-known to the congregation and mosque leadership.

Another focus of my investigation was the Pakistani women’s Islamist group al-Huda, which counted Farook’s wife, Tashfeen Malik, as a student. While the al-Huda International Welfare Foundation distanced themselves from the actions of their former pupil, Malik’s classmates told the Daily Mail she changed significantly while studying at al-Huda, gradually becoming ‘more serious and strict.’ More ominously, the group’s presence in the U.S. and Canada is not without its other ties to ISIS and terrorism. In 2014, three recent former students at al-Huda’s affiliate school in Canada, aged 15 to 18, left their homes to join the Islamic State in Syria.”

Haney concluded:

“Worse still, the administration then went back and erased the dots we were diligently connecting. Even as DHS closed my investigation, I knew that data I was looking at could prove significant to future counterterror efforts and tried to prevent the information from being lost to law enforcement. In 2013, I met with the DHS Inspector General in coordination with several members of Congress to attempt to warn the American people’s elected representatives about the threat.

In retaliation, DHS and the Department of Justice subjected me to a series of investigations and adverse actions, including one by that same Inspector General. None of them showed any wrongdoing; they seemed aimed at stopping me from blowing the whistle on this problem. Earlier this year, I was finally able to honorably retire from government and I’m now taking my story to the American people as a warning.

My law enforcement colleagues and I must conduct our work while respecting the rights of those we monitor.  But what I witnessed suggests the Obama administration is more concerned with the rights of non-citizens in known Islamist groups than with the safety and security of the American people.”

From what Haney states, Barack Obama and his minions appear to be intentionally preventing DHS from doing their sworn duty to fully vet many immigrants like Malik. Had they been allowed to do their job, Malik would never have been granted entry into the US and thus would not have been part of the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Therefore, Barack Obama is to blame for allowing the terrorist attack in San Bernardino that left 14 dead and 22 wounded. The blood is on his hands.

Now realize that these are the same restrictive vetting policies being used to screen Syrian refugees that Obama insists on bringing to the US. We can’t help but wonder if Obama is intentionally restricting the vetting process so that his Islamic terrorist buddies gain access to the US by hiding amongst the Syrian refugees. Is this part of Obama’s plan to destroy America and turn it into the Muslim nation he desires?

Could Obama be planning on using Islamic terrorist attacks here in the US to allow him to declare a state of emergency and institute martial law? He’s been very brazen in many of the other unlawful acts he’s committed so with a year left to his residence in the White House, I wouldn’t put anything past him at this point.

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