Bloomberg Celebrates the Failure of New York City Public Schools

New York City Mayor Bloomberg has to be the second biggest control freak in the nation next to Barack Obama.  During the past year, he has gone off the whacko deep end by declaring himself the lord protector of New Yorkers’ diets and health.

Bloomberg took it upon himself to act as the Surgeon General of New York City when he restricted the use of painkillers in the city’s hospitals. Doctor wannabe Bloomberg believed he knew better than the thousands of doctors caring for patients throughout the city.

Then Bloomberg took aim that waistlines of New Yorkers and began restricting what vendors and businesses were allowed to sell to the general public.  Sugar became his nemesis and he banned large sodas and other high-sugar drinks.  His dictatorial reign forbid the pitchers of pop from childrens’ birthday parties at Chuck-E-Cheeses.

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Bloomberg has also been spending millions of dollars in political elections outside the Big Apple to help defeat any candidate that supports the US Constitution and Second Amendment.

With all of Kaiser Bloomberg’s bravado and conquests, he now appears to be more of court jester than the king sitting on the throne.  In his recent State of the City address, Bloomberg bragged about the city’s educational system.  Speaking from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Bloomberg said:

“Never before in our city’s history has there been so much university expansion and never before has there been so much scientific investment.”

“Now, let me ask you: is there anyone who still believes that New York City can’t get big things done? Since we’re here in Brooklyn, I’ll say it again: Fuhgeddaboudit.”

Bloomberg went on to brag about the schools in his city and how they are investing so much money and time into science and technology.  Yet the reality is that 80% of New York’s public school high school graduates heading to the City University of New York system cannot read, write or do math sufficiently enough to meet college standards.  They are having to take re-medial courses to help them learn to read, write and do math before they can take any regular college courses.

In addition to the utter failure to actually teach public school students, New York City has the lowest graduation rate for blacks and Hispanics in the nation.  Barely 37% of blacks and Hispanics graduate from high school, and 13% of them still can’t read, write or do math.

The public school educational system in New York City is so bad that the city and the teachers’ union could not agree on how to conduct evaluations.  Consequently, the city lost $250 million in state and federal funding.

Zakiyah Ansari, a parent and member of New Yorkers for Great Public Schools, commented about Bloomberg’s State of the Union address, saying:

“We have a simple message for Michael Bloomberg: good riddance!”

“He will be remembered as the Mayor of Education Failure, and his final speech ignored that reality. He has harmed our communities and families, and we cannot wait to see a new mayor replace him.”

It seems that Bloomberg is more concerned about what kids put in their mouths than what they put in their heads.  New Yorkers and the rest of nation can only hope and pray that Ansari is right and Bloomberg’s failure in the education of New York’s children will end up being his political downfall.

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