Bloomberg Pushing Mandated Flu Vaccines For Kids 5 & Under

How many times have you seen and heard examples of people being so rich that they think they can control and dictate the lives of everyone around them?  Outgoing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the poster child for that ultra-wealthy control freak mentality.

Depending on what source you look at, Bloomberg is listed as one of the wealthiest people in America.  Forbes lists him at #7 in the US with a net worth of $31billion. places Bloomberg as the 11th richest man in America with his $31 billion.  Regardless, he is so wealthy that he has spent millions of dollars in various states trying to destroy the Second Amendment rights of Americans by outlawing guns.

He believes his privileged status in wealth and being mayor of the largest city in the US gives him the right to dictate over peoples’ rights and lives.  Besides his over the top anti-gun antics, Bloomberg has dictated how much people can eat and drink in New York restaurants.  And let’s not forget that he tried to restrict the use of pain medications in hospital emergency rooms.

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Before leaving office and hopefully the US, Bloomberg has decided that his dictatorial ways are not over.  He is pushing the Board of Health to pass a new city mandate that would require every child 5 years of age and under in the city to receive an annual flu vaccination.  The only exceptions would be:

“… the vaccine may be detrimental to the child’s health, as certified by a physician licensed to practice medicine in this state, or the parent, parents, or guardian of a child hold genuine and sincere religious beliefs which are contrary to the practices herein required.”

A statement released by the Health Department said:

“Young children have a high risk of developing severe complications from influenza. One-third of children under five in New York City do not receive an annual influenza vaccination, even though the vaccine safely and effectively protects them against influenza illness.  This mandate will help protect the health of young children, while reducing the spread of influenza in New York City.”

Since all of the members of the Board of Health are appointed by the mayor, the mandate is expected to pass without any problems.  This is the same board that passed Bloomberg’s controversial soda ban.

Critics of vaccines are already up in arms over Bloomberg’s latest action.  John Gilmore, Executive Director of the Autism Action Network spoke about against the mandated flu vaccines.  Among his objections are the facts that some people have allergic reactions to some vaccines, the use of toxic mercury in some vaccines and he questions whether it is legal to make such a mandate under certain state government jurisdictions.  Gilmore stated:

“The Bloomberg administration is wildly exaggerating the benefit of the flu shot and we think they are wildly underestimating the risks involved with it.”

“There are risks associated with every medical procedure.”

“This is basically to put the mayor-elect [on alert], make him aware that this is an issue that he’s going to have to deal with it. It’s not going to go away.  He is kind of doing this in a stealth fashion. He just proposed this about 6 weeks ago. I don’t think there was any announcement.”

Bloomberg doesn’t care if the flu vaccine harms or even kills infants and young children.  It’s just another muscle flexing of an ultra-rich control freak that thinks he’s god over everyone in his city.  Newly elected and soon to be Mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio is not nearly as wealthy as Bloomberg and has often found himself at odds with some of Bloomberg’s policies.  Hopefully, De Blasio is not as much of a flaming liberal control freak as Bloomberg is and he will undo some of Bloomberg’s policies, including to nullify the vaccine mandate and replace the members of the Board of Health.

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