Blue Dog Dems Side with GOP House on Balanced Budget Amendment

Within the halls of the House of Representatives, there exists an oxymoron known as the Blue Dog Democrats.  They are a coalition of about twenty-five House Democrats that are also conservatives, unlike the vast majority of Democrats that are as liberal as they come.

House Republicans have been advancing a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution which requires a two-thirds vote in order to pass.  The Blue Dog contingent keeps the hope among Republicans that a vote tomorrow might be successful.

Blue Dog co-chairman Rep. Mike Ross from Arkansas, said, “We were advancing a balanced-budget amendment when balanced-budget amendments weren’t cool.”

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Rep. Jim Matheson from Utah added, “If any Blue Dog does not vote for it, I’d have to question how much they’re a Blue Dog.”

The partisan politics of late is so strong that Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer from Maryland said that although he supported a similar measure in 1995, he will oppose the current measure simply because he does not trust the Republican Party.  Obviously Rep. Hoyer does not care enough about the same measure he so strongly supported 16 years ago to put partisanship aside and support the measure once again.

The rest of the liberal Democrats are working themselves into a froth as they so strenuously fight against the balanced budget amendment.  After all, if such an amendment were passed they would not be able to stiff the American people with another trillion dollar stimulus package that only serves to fill their own purses without any real benefit to the American people.  It will also mean that many of their pet projects stand a good chance of getting eliminated in order to meet the balanced budget requirement.

With the intense partisan politics that have existed over the past several years, the Blue Dog departure from the rest of the Democratic Party could be a huge thing.  One leader of the Blue Dog coalition said that it is unfortunate that the Democratic leadership is so opposed to the balanced budget amendment, especially when there is strong support among the America people who want a responsible government that has to live within its means.

Here’s praying that the Blue Doggers don’t cave in to Party pressures and that a few more Democrats will see that the will of the people is more important than their political games.

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