Bob Costas’ Gun Control is NBC’s Class Warfare

News organizations have been interpreting the recent Bob Costas lecture to the nation as a question about whether or not it was appropriate for him to share his opinion on a football halftime show. Who are we kidding? Virtually all TV shows and movies are platforms for promoting ideas about issues. I remember being shocked when I watched the “DVD extas” for a season of the TV series, “Dark Angel” to see how James Cameron had installed rules to discourage handgun ownership and encourage motorcycle safety. “Everyone is doing it”—often with a great deal more subtlety than Bob Costas used. We’re better off getting a direct statement instead of understated hints and directions.

Instead of spending time complaining that Costas’ opinions were “misplaced,” we should spend time considering why his opinion is wrong and why it is so common in the media.

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By the time you get into major TV shows, the “talking heads” of infotainment are in an economic level much higher than the average viewer. Bob Costas has options regarding where he lives, how much security he has, what kind of lawyer he can afford, and what kind of leverage he would have if he were abused by the police. His viewers, on average, have nowhere near his level of power and privilege.

If Bob Costas felt threatened and called the police, assuming he doesn’t have his own armed bodyguards, I am sure he could depend on a quick response. You and I cannot be confident of anything like that. Furthermore, as SWAT raids become more common and more abusive, I doubt Costas needs to fear any such thing ever happening to him.

The fact that Costas wants a regime where it is illegal for us, the little people, to own a gun, just tells you how little he cares about us. But even blaming Costas is inaccurate. Despite how his remarks are characterized, they were not “a rant.” On the contrary, they were carefully thought out.

Costas’ words were obviously preplanned, rehearsed, and almost certainly displayed for him to read on a teleprompter. There is no reason at all to believe that his remarks had not been vetted in advance by NBC. This wasn’t just Costas lecturing us; this was the whole network informing us of our place in this world. We really should not be surprised if we eventually discover that he did not write the message himself.

I saw one person ask on Twitter if there was nowhere she could go that was safe from liberal propaganda. That, I think, was part of the purpose of Costas’ delivered speech. We have all been informed that our lives are completely under the control of liberals. There is nowhere we can go to escape their immoral moralizing. Every single part of the big, blue screen is under their domination.

We live in an age where a small ruing class is trying to inculcate a slave mentality through propaganda masquerading as education, entertainment, and athletics, as well in all other areas. This latest push for gun control should be seen, not as one man’s opinion, but the voice of the ruling class trying to browbeat us into becoming even more vulnerable to their coercion.

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