Boehner Forcing House Conservatives to Abandon Campaign Promises Again

In 2010, Republicans won control of the House of Representatives and mistakenly elected Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) to be Speaker of the House. Republicans won control of House because they promised voters that they would stand up for their conservative values and not cave in to the tyrannical demands of Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

At the beginning the new class of Republican representatives kept their promises and stood their ground. It wasn’t long before they learned of Boehner’s betrayal to the Republican Party and Americans as he caved in to Obama and Reid’s dictates time after time.

In 2013, conservative House Republicans again stood their ground and forced Obama to enact his sequestration which resulted in the shutting down of only certain federal departments and agencies. Everyone forgets that Sequestration was Obama’s idea and his plan to extort Republicans to doing things his way or no way, but it didn’t work. However, he still managed to convince the gullible public that the GOP was to blame. In time, Boehner again caved in to Obama’s demands, leaving House conservatives with mud on their face.

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The American people continued to grow weary of Obama’s shenanigans and in November 2014, they voted to increase Republican control of the House and to give control of the Senate to the Republicans. Voters expected Republicans to once again keep their campaign promises and stand up for them instead of caving in to Obama’s dictatorship.

But as they say history has a tendency to repeat itself and indeed it has. Conservative House Republicans stood their ground on immigration by not giving the Department of Homeland Security the funds to implement Obama’s illegal delayed deportation program. They knew that Democrats would fight against their efforts, which did happen.

However, House conservatives were also blindsided by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and then by their own supposedly conservative leader John Boehner. At first Boehner postured that he was finally growing some male anatomy to allow him to stand against Obama, but true to his cowardly reputation, Boehner caved in and forced House conservatives to submit to the dictatorial demands of Obama. The DHS funding bill with full funding for Obama’s immigration program was passed against the objections of House conservatives.

John Boehner is once again demonstrating his lack of leadership skills and his traitorous actions against the Republican Party. And once again it’s clear that his role of Speaker of the House is not to lead House Republicans but to beat them into submission to Obama’s socialist regime.

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