Boehner Leads Charge Toward Debt Disaster

One day after the Congressional Budget Office warned that the United States’ growing debt was leading toward a “fiscal crisis,” House Speaker John Boehner and 27 other Republicans joined Democrats in passing a bill to raise the debt ceiling for the next 13 months.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, an occasional upstart himself, voted no, as did most of the Republicans in the House. However, Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Whip Kevin McCarthy all voted yes on the measure.

The final vote was 221-201 in favor. If not for the usual RINO suspects, the measure would have failed.

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“We need to pay our bills today and make sure we can pay our bills tomorrow,” Ryan said, speaking in that archaic language once known as Common Sense.

ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell piled on: “Today, Republican ‘leadership’ in the House completely gave up fighting for the priorities of the American people and once again caved to the demands of President Obama and the Democrats. This latest failure is just more proof that it’s time to dump the GOP leadership in Congress.”

Demonstrating the quality of Republican leadership, Cantor, who voted for the debt-ceiling hike, released a statement blaming Democrats that read, “House Republicans need more responsible and willing partners in Washington so we can finally and boldly address our long term debt crisis.”

Perhaps the brain doesn’t know what the hand has been up to, Mr. Cantor?

Ryan called passage of the debt ceiling hike a missed opportunity, and he’s right, though perhaps not in precisely the way he was thinking about it.

If the RINOs had joined the rest of the GOP in opposing the bill, it could have been a demonstration of determination to finally deal with the swelling debt, but it might also have provided President Obama another opportunity to bypass Congress with one of his famous executive orders.

Since our commander in chief is intent on one-man rule, I say Congress should refuse to pass any bill he supports and force him to behave like the monarch he thinks he is. Americans are slow-witted, but most of them will come to realize Obama’s true intentions the more he flexes his stolen power. Each executive order is one more shovelful of dirt for him to bury himself with.

Because the RINOs have consigned us to another year of reckless borrowing and spending, the best we can hope for now is that the GOP rank-and-file finally get up the nerve to give Boehner and his favor-currying crew the boot.

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